Understanding The Refugee Crisis

Every day the news is full of reports on the refugee crisis as hundreds of thousands of people flee their homes and attempt to reach Europe. Countries such as Hungary are building barriers to stop them and scenes of police holding back refugees fill the news. There are scores of desperate people risking their lives to cross the Mediterranean in rickety rafts. 3,573 have died trying to cross the sea in the last year, roughly ten people per day. Most people are confused about the crisis and what it means, so hopefully this will shed some light on the issue and answer some common questions. Continue reading


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An Atheist Reads The Book Of Ruth: The Least Biblical Book In The Bible

The Book of Ruth is an unusual book and completely unlike the rest of the Bible. For a start its named after a woman, which is incredible considering as most other women in the Bible aren’t even given names. Two of the three main characters are women and it also has the first scene where two women are talking to each other. By the abysmally low standards of the Bible, this is practically feminism. It is also the first book in which God is not a character and plays no role at all. Finally, unlike the rest of the Bible it is mercifully short and to the point. Continue reading


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An Atheist Reads The Book Of Judges: Rape, Massacre & Chaos

If you think about it, Judges is a misleading title for this book as none of the characters are judges or do any judging. Instead they are warriors and rebels, who spend their time fighting other nations, but the Bible is silent on how (if) they governed or how Israelite society was at the time. That would have been more interesting than endless repetition of the same story. Instead of judgement, with get constant war, the massacre of innocents and brutal rape. The chaos of the book was probably exaggerated to provide legitimacy for the later kings and it contains some of the most horrible stories of the Bible, especially towards women. Continue reading


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An Atheist Reads The Book Of Judges: God’s Glory If You Win, Your Sins If You Lose

The best way to imagine the Book of Judges is to compare it to some bad movie sequels, where the writers have run out of ideas and so just keep repeating themselves. Because that’s essentially what the Book of Judges is, the same story told again and again. Every single story begins with the Israelites abandoning God, God sending a foreign oppressor as punishment, the Israelites beg forgiveness and so God rescues them. Every good thing that happens is due to God and every bad thing is the Israelites fault, which makes me doubt the objectivity of the author. Continue reading


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An Atheist Reads The Bible: The Final Solution

The Book of Joshua deals with the wars the Israelites fought to conquer the promised land. To make it more realistic, it should be named the Book of Genocide, as the Israelites exterminate one nation after another and steal their land. No justification is given, greed is simply enough. In a book that is supposed to be a moral code for all humans, instead we get one of the first recordings of genocide in history. Continue reading


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An Atheist Reads The Bible: Purge The Evil

Hello and welcome to another instalment of An Atheist Reads The Bible. Chances are that by now you all know how this works and don’t need any introduction, so let’s jump right into the second half of Deuteronomy which is a particularly violent section, obsessed with purging the evil from society. Continue reading


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A Guide To The Main International Esperanto Events

So let’s say you’re learning Esperanto and it’s going well. In fact it’s going so well that you want to speak it with lots of people, not just those in your local group (if there even is one). Instead you want to go abroad to an international Esperanto event, but you don’t know which one. There is a complete list of all Esperanto events in the world here, but as you can see there’s a huge number. I had the exact same problem trying to figure out which of the alaphbet soup of Esperanto events were worth going to, so I’ve made a list of the main ones to help make it easier for you.  I’ll focus on the ones I have gone to for obvious reasons. Continue reading


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