Arguments Against The Existence Of God #1 – The Problem Of Evil

God is described to be all-powerful, all-knowing and all-loving. But if this is so, then why is there evil in the world? Let me explain.

Could God use his powers to prevent all evil? If not then he is not all-powerful.

What if he does not know that evil is taking place? Then he is not all-knowing.

What if he does not want to prevent the evil? Then he is not all-loving.

It is therefore impossible for both evil and an all-powerful, all-knowing and all-loving God to exist simultaneously. As we know there is evil in the world, God as he is described, cannot exist.

This is known as “The Problem Of Evil” and first described by Epicurus. When I first heard it, it shook my faith and led to me begin to question my belief in God.

I have heard religious people claim that God allows evil because he does not want to interfere with our free will. This is absurd on many levels. If he did not want to interfere, why reveal himself in the Bible? Why command us to worship him (The First Commandment)? Why send Jesus to Earth? Why perform miracles? Why send us to Hell if we don’t worship him? Threatening someone with torture counts as interfering with their free will.

Others claim God is mysterious and doesn’t explain himself to us. This is also absurd. Why would God give us the Bible if we could never understand him? Why does the Bible claim it is the Word of God? Why do churches claim that if we follow their rules we will go to heaven, if God does not explain himself? Why worship something we cannot understand?

There is no getting away from the logical impossibility. There cannot be a perfect God and evil at the same time.

9 thoughts on “Arguments Against The Existence Of God #1 – The Problem Of Evil”

  1. So, if you say there is such a thing as evil, then you must believe there is such a thing as good. And who determines what is considered ‘evil’ or ‘good?’ This moral framework was written on our hearts by God. Our free will is an example of just how much God loves us. He gives us the ability to love and to reject love if we so choose. And, you can’t have free will without suffering. I encourage you to read one of Christian apologist Ravi Zacharias’ books.

    1. Who says God decided what is good and evil. I think the murder of innocent children is evil, but God did it to the Egyptians. Does that make it good? When I say there is evil in the world I am pointing to the obvious fact that there is murder, war, famine, poverty, hate etc. You ignored my point on free will. We don’t have it regarding God, we must worship him or face eternal torment. That’s not free will, its slavery.

  2. Wonderful. I think in my christian days I would have said something along the lines that evil is a result of a sinful, fallen world. No, I know (now) that doesn’t answer the question, but I wonder if any Theists/Christians out there feel the same way and how would they square that with an all-knowing/loving/powerful God?
    Thanks for the post:)

  3. Don’t judge god by our standards, its not fair, he’s not up to it. You can use his. Don’t kill innocents (murder), yet god kills many children in the bible. Don’t covet, yet god covets the praise other gods receive throughout the OT. We are supposed to ‘turn the other cheek’ yet god will not. We are told that we must obey these rules because they are ‘righteous’ and ‘good’ but if god disobeys his own rules he is no different to the alcholic parent telling his children about the dangers of drinking, yet hipocrasy is wrong?

  4. You should check out Nietzsche’s ‘On the Genealogy of Morality’. He makes a good argument that Judeo-Christian religions view Good as the opposite of evil, in which case, the existence of Good depends on the existence of evil, if you eliminate evil you effectively eliminate Good. His perspective is that there is no such thing as evil, only a lack of Good. Kind of like saying there is no such thing as darkness only the absence of light.

    1. Intersting point. However I don’t think evil is merely the absence of good. If I was to grab an innocent child and kill it, that would be an evil act not merely the absence of good

  5. Negative does exist. Negative is selfishness. The universe does not run on selfishness otherwise it would be unpredictable chaos. This is why when ever there is a buildup of negative frustration the universe balances it out before it continues going forward in progress.
    Science has proven this. This is why things in the universe comes together to form planets and stars. And here is something even more interesting. According to science after the big bang the universe was all energy. Then a field came through called the higgs boson wave went through and was responsible for turning energy into mass. It created equal parts matter and anti-matter. When matter and anti-matter collide they take each other out. So what should have happened is they should have equaled it out and taken each other out. But what happened was even thought the higgs bosen field created equal parts matter some how won over anti-matter. Scientists still do not know the reason but the basic reason is the universe is always forward and positive because love creates and positive always wins over negative.
    Even if you look at atoms. You have neutrons or neutral and protons or positive grouped together in the nucleus at the center. Then you have electrons or negatively charged on the outside circling.
    But they are not evil they are just negative. Negativity is not negative until it creates frustration that the universe balances. As such they are not evil.

    For evil to exist you need a spirit\emotion and intelligence because this gives us free will. Free will causes humans to perpetuate evil if they choose.
    Without intelligence one can not empathize.
    Empathy creates the understanding of seeing things through others eyes.
    Evil is delighting in making others feeling negative.
    Like murder. People murder because they feel like they want to so they do. They want to because it fulfills their desire to do so. This desire is of evil.
    There are degrees of evil.
    An example of a significantly lesser degree of evil is a man who urinates on the toilet seat and doesn’t clean it up, when there is a urinal they could have used. With the thinking SCREW the next person. This gives them some type of evil demented satisfaction to purposefully affect others negatively.

    Animals kill but they are running on instinct. They run purely on feelings.
    For something to be wrong one must have the intelligence to understand what they are doing to the other person. This basically means they have free will.

    That is called the knowledge between good and evil. Animals can not learn the difference between right and wrong with out positive or negative reinforcement.

    Humans can realize the difference between right and wrong through logic with empathy without any positive or negative reinforcement to ones self. Just by seeing it through someone else eyes. This is a selfless act.
    If you can only see things through your own eyes and can not empathize you are selfish pure and simple.

    Pure evil can see things through others eyes and delights in creating negativity in others. Like one who rapes tortures and murders someone. They used others like in object for their pleasure. Delighted in their torture then controlled them to death.

    Jesus was needed to show us that Love is never selfish and to show us exactly what sin is. Jesus died because of mans sin\selfishness.

    Love doesn’t send us to psychological hell we do. Like a parent who tells their kids not to touch a hot stove burner. But the kid does and gets burnt. Did the parent threaten the kid or was it a warning?
    If the kid did not learn his lesson and touches it again he will get burnt again. If the kid never learns his lesson he will keep getting burnt over and over forever. Now we know that the cause of physical pain such as this is easy to identify. But psychological pain is much harder. Because when people run on negative feelings they become irrational and illogical and will deny the evidence that is right in their face.

    Love doesn’t punish us so much as love allows us to be punished. Meaning love doesn’t stop our free choice. this is the story of the garden of Eden. They were not punished until after they realized. In fact the first punishment was their feeling of shame.

    If the parent wants to take away free will they will forcefully keep the kid from touching the burner by taking away the option. But with psychological problems you can not force people to realize and be rational and logical. If you do they will fight against you. The only thing you can really do is give people a solution and if they do not listen then that is their problem. Hell is all problems. Heaven is solutions.

    We should worship God because Love is God. Love is perfect because love is never selfish. If you worship a false god you only do so out of selfishness to gain something for self.

    Many religious only believe for selfish reason to go to heaven or stay out of hell. Because they only believe for selfish reason continue to be full of negative frustration that believing in selfless love would cast out.

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