A Visit To The Gates Of Hell

If I live a hundred years I will never forget the horrors of the Auschwitz death camp. I saw the cramped, sparse wooden sheds, originally designed to store horses, but that prisoners slept in. I saw the cattle containers that were used to transfer millions of Jews to their death. I saw the barbed wire, the electric fences, and the watchtowers that meant few escaped. I saw Block 11, where cruel and barbaric experiments were conducted by deranged Nazi doctors. I saw the hidden courtyard, where prisoners were secretly executed. I saw the starvation cells, where prisoners were denied food and water until they were dead. I saw the enormous chimneys. I saw the furnaces which left no remains of an entire race. I saw the gas chamber, the face of pure evil. I saw the gates of hell. I saw Auschwitz.

Situated outside Krakow in Poland, an estimated 1,300,000 people were murdered there, 90% of whom were Jews. Auschwitz was initially used as a concentration camp for Polish prisoner-of-war after Germany invaded Poland in 1939. In 1942 it was converted into a death camp where Jews were killed immediately on arrival.

Over the entrance to Auschwitz is an infamous sign, “Arbeit Macht Frei”, “Work Makes You Free”. It is hard to tell whether this is a cruel joke or an attempt to deceive the prisoners. In reality many prisoners were worked literally to death. For most, once they passed under that sign, they were never free again.

There are a few memories which will stay with me for a long time. Like the sight of piles and piles of prisoners human hair stacked up. Prisoners were shaved as humiliation and so the hair could be sold to be made into carpets and blankets. The sight of such blatant profiteering by the Nazi’s from their dead victims completely shocked me. Similarly moving was the piles of suitcases each one with the name and address of its owner. Here was everything a person owned, everything they had. They had planned for a new life but instead were killed and their possessions stolen. But the most shocking of all were the shoes. Thousands and thousands of shoes belonging to the dead piled into a small mountain. You stand in a room and on all sides there are shoes, the only thing left of thousands, millions of murdered people. I felt surrounded, like I was about to be overwhelmed by a tsunami. It is impossible to put the mass genocide that is the Holocaust into perspective, but this went some of the way.

As soon as prisoners arrived at the camps in cattle containers, they were divided. The young, healthy and strong (roughly 20%) were sent to the work camp, where they would be worked to death. The old, weak and young would be sent immediately to the gas chambers. They were told they need to shower to remove lice before being sent to a ‘rest’ camp. Fake shower heads were installed to keep up the deceit. Few if any protested, instead being lead meekly and peacefully to their extermination. They were killed using Zyklon B, which was originally used to kill lice. This gives an idea of how the Nazi’s viewed the Jews.

After they were murdered, the victim’s mouths were searched for gold fillings which were extracted with a hammer and chisel. They were then loaded into incinerators and burnt. The smoke form Auschwitz’s furnances could be seen for miles around. It was described as “Human Smoke”. The ashes of dead fell on the living.

At the end of the tour, our guide brought us to a small, simple gallows. After the war ended, she said, that is where they hung the camp commander.

11 thoughts on “A Visit To The Gates Of Hell”

  1. When I was thirteen, one of my teacher’s gave me a topic to research and write about: German concentration camps. I went to the public library and spent all day reading magazine articles and staring at horrible pictures of the atrocities discovered at the end of the war. This awful, unfathomable truth was more than my young mind could handle and I asked my teacher for another topic (the artificial heart). Frankly, when I realized that more than six million prayers for help went unanswered, I quit praying.

    1. I believe hells gates villa belonged to my family I’m going to find out but I’m pretty sure

  2. I visited auschwitz a couple of weeks ago.Walking around and looking at pictures reading the things that went on there was very upsetting things i will remember for ever.

  3. I visited this place several years ago, my grandmother took my cousin and I on a 2-week trip around central Europe, and this was one of the stops. It was life-changing for me. I am still feeling the effects and changes to this day from my visit there, I go over it in my mind. I did not cry until I visited the 3rd floor of one of the bunker buildings, where within the walls of the display case on one wall (instead of shoes like the one you linked), there was Hair. I lost it at that point.

    I found this site from looking up Martin Luther King Jr.’s quote on google images where he stated “Never forget that everything Hitler did in Germany was legal.” I fear for the fate of where the American government is headed with the treatment of the people. I know that sounds insane, but I really wonder.

  4. I applaud your courage. I don’t think I could handle seeing the remnants of these atrocities without having a complete breakdown. I cried while reading this post. Thinking of all of those people crying, begging and praying for mercy that never came eats away at me. Seeing physical evidence of such evil would certainly be my undoing.

  5. Your words are touching but photos and facts make stones cry as they are undeniable evidence of the human atrocities made against other members of the same human race.

    I am originally a Palestinian, I was born in Bethlehem and raised there for the first 25 years of my life and I watched Palestinians and Israelis fight because everyone of them believe that, this small piece of land is theirs according to the religious belief of each part.

    Just as I removed God from my mind, searching and researching, suddenly I saw the light! Even political enemies were people, they had faces, personalities, dreams, hopes, wishes, and most of all the right to exist just as I do. So I took a pause and asked myself: What on earth is going on? Why are there human “brothers” fighting? In no time I got the answer… It was the imaginary friend of each called God, the source of all evil. The one who saved the nation of Israel and David from threats and defended them for many years just slept and did not hear the prayers and mourning of 6 million human beings suffering crying for help desperately, most of them belong to the same religious party he himself protected thousands of years ago.

    Unless humans remove the God virus from their minds, there would still be human atrocities like this committed in the name of God, Eluhim, Yahwe, Allah, or you name it.

    In my own small world, I stand up for a minute of silence for the victims of this undeniable human disgrace.


  6. I visited “It’s a Small World After All” at Disney World a few years back, and factually speaking, it was far more accurate than this farce that has been promulgated for over 70 years for the purpose of flooding Israel’s pockets with money from practically every nation on Earth, but primarily leeching it off of Germany.
    Doesn’t it strike anyone as odd, that with all the revisions, that the only camps which are still said to have been “death camps” are the one’s that were in Poland and Russia?
    Additionally, isn’t it strange that we’re hearing this droning story till it’s coming out of our ears, about an alleged six-million, I mean four-million, I mean 1.5-million… well, whatever the number is, even though, based on the Jewish Almanac for the years after the war, their numbers had actually increased in Europe during World War 2. How could that be possible?
    Anyway, my point being, how is it we hear about the Holocaust in movies, school, the media, from government and even in our churches, even though most of the stories we’ve been programmed with are well-documented to be incorrect, such as the six-million number; and yet we hear absolutely zero about the thirty-million Christians murdered in Russia at the hands of the ‘Jewish’ led Bolsheviks not much earlier?
    Things that make you go, hmmm…
    Wake-up, people; you’re being sold a load of bullshit.

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