Dubrovnik: Pearl Of The Adriatic

If I had the name one city my favourite on my trip it would be close but I’d say Dubrovnik. It is simply jaw-droopingly amazing. It’s so beautiful it’s no wonder the Old Town was named a UNESCO World Heritage site. However I was quite sick during my stay, probably due to the heat (it was around 35-7 degrees all day long), so this post will have less words and more photos.

Probably the best view of stunning Dubrovnik

The water in Dubrovnik is also stunning

The water is simply spectacular. You could spend all day admiring it. I simply couldn’t believe my luck that I got to swim there. Words simply cannot describe how gorgeous it is. One thing I did find surprising is that there is no beaches in Dubrovnik. You can go swimming but if you want to lie down it is either on hard rock or cement pier.

One thought on “Dubrovnik: Pearl Of The Adriatic”

  1. I have just commented about wanting to visit Ljubljana. But Dubrovnik is even higher on my list, and you have reinforced that. I can see I’m going to have to read more about your trip (when I have time!). Thanks.

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