Charming Ljubljana & Stunning Lake Bled

Ljubljana is a charming city that often feels more like a small town. It is easy to settle into its many cosy streets or have enjoyable strolls along its river lined with impressive Austrian style buildings. It will entice you with its appealing and welcoming feel. Not far away is the jaw dropping splendour of Lake Bled, which is an absolute must for all travelling through Slovenia.

Overlooking the city is Ljubljana Castle, a former royal palace and military garrison perched upon a hill. It is now host to restaurant, museum, concerts and festivals. The highlight is the tower from which you can get a brilliant 360 degree panoramic view of the city.

Walking along the river is an unmissable experience. You can enjoy the numerous cafes and restaurants and admire the glorious architecture. You can easily lose yourself wandering down the picturesque cobbled streets and squares dominated by well maintained medieval buildings and churches.

For a good explanation of the 20th century history of Slovenia head to the Museum of Contemporary History of Slovenia. It follows Slovenia’s trials and tribulations up to the fall of Communism and independence in 1991. It offers a detailed re-enactment of the times it describes, for example rooms built like wooden shelters reminiscent of the bunkers of the First World War.

An hour away is the breath takingly gorgeous Lake Bled. If you’re travelling in this region you have probably heard rave reviews of the Lake and let me tell you, they’re all true. Due to time constraints I could only spend an hour there, so I couldn’t go out to the island in the lake, but what an hour it was. I basically stood there gapping at the majesty of it all and rubbing my eyes because I could not believe I was somewhere so beautiful. I don’t know what the rules are regarding swimming, but the water looks so enticing you will definitely want to dive in.

Little Slovenia is a small and delicate beauty that would be easy to over look. More Austrian than Balkan, it combines splendid buildings, cosy streets and stunning scenery.

2 thoughts on “Charming Ljubljana & Stunning Lake Bled”

  1. On my first trip to Europe I visited Ljubljana. A professor of hers was from the region and when he heard we were visiting Austria and northeastern Italy, he suggested we include Slovenia. We didn’t schedule much time there and I’ve been threatening to go back ever since. It’s a lovely place.

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