The Spectacular City Of Prague

Prague is a fantastic city bursting with spectacular sights. It is a well known tourist destination and for a very good reason. It’s a great place to go sight-seeing or to relax with a pint of its excellent beer. There are so many amazing buildings that something that would be impressive in another city would get ignored in Prague. From the towering Churches of the Old Town to the majesty of the Royal Palace to the splendour of the Charles Bridge to the deep history of Communism, Prague truly is a sight to see.

Saint Wenceslas Square

My personal favourite in Prague was a visit to the Museum of Communism. Ironically located between a McDonalds and a casino, the museum provides an intriguing and interesting overview of life under Communism. It has a wealth of artefacts including numerous statues and monuments. There is a mock Communist shop selling only two items (the remaining shelves are empty). There are many good displays on all the areas of life under Communism, such a reconstructed school classroom with Communist schoolbooks. On the darker side there is also an interrogation room. The museum ends on a positive note with a video display of the Velvet Revolution that overthrew the regime. It has an excellent gift shop selling Communist memorabilia (I was able to pick up an impressive inscribed medal from the former Soviet Union).

The view of Prague from Prague Castle

I took an excellent free walking tour around the main sights (and believe me there are many). Prague has so much to see that many tours do two tours each covering a different half of the city. The tour began in the Old Town Square, home to a number of impressive buildings. These included the Church of Our Lady of Tyn, a spectacular building that dominates the square as well as the beautiful Saint Nicolas Church. There is also the crazy and bizarre Astronomical Clock. It took a good while of staring at it before you realise it is composed of two clocks, one depicting the minutes, the other the hours. Another stop on the tour is the John Lennon Wall. After Lennon was shot, a mural was painted on a wall in his memory. However such promotion of Western culture was not allowed so it was white washed. However every time the wall was painted by the secret police, new messages and graffiti would re-appear. The wall became a symbol of dissident culture.

Church Of Our Lady Of Tyn

Overlooking the city is Prague Castle, former seat of the Royal Palace. From here you get a great view of the city. You can enter the former Royal Palace and its impressive courtyard which leads to the awe inspiring Cathedral of Saint Vitus. Originally the site of the coronation of the Czech Kings, it is a gigantic building in many different designs. This is because the builders would run out of money and have to wait decades before they could restart by which time a new style would be in vogue. Although construction began in 1344, it was completed until 1929. It soars high into the sky and makes passersby look like ants in comparison. There is also the Golden Lane, a quaint little street of little cottages. A highlight for many is the stunning and beautiful Charles Bridge, covered in statues and with a great view of the city. Also not to miss is the impressive boulevard of Saint Wenceslas Square leading to National Museum.

Saint Vitus Cathedral
Another View Of Saint Vitus
The inside of the Cathedral

Prague has a great nightlife and is rightly world famous for its beer. Most pubs sell their own home brewed beer which is cheap and delicious. The beer is exceptional strong, everything was between 10 and 12% alcohol content. The food is similarly cheap and excellent. Our main course meals with a pint of beer would cost roughly six or seven euro, and be delicious and wholesome. Prague has many cool bars and a massive nightclub called Karlovy Lazne. This is a five storey night club with each floor having its own style and genre, ranging from chart music to dubstep to 60’s to rock. It’s very lax there; one of my friends ran around the dance floor with another friend on his shoulders.

The Charles Bridge

Prague is a wonderful city bursting with good times and great sights. There is so much to see and do that I left feeling I had only scratched the surface of this amazing city.

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  1. You’re right, Prague is wonderful! I didn’t imagine it was such a beauty before going there for the first time few months ago… 🙂

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