Blogs I’d Recommend

To celebrate my blog getting its 10,000th viewer I thought I’d make a list of all the blogs I have enjoyed. Too often blogs can be self-contained islands so it’s also good to reach out and find other views and connect with other people. While compiling this list I was sad to find that some blogs I really enjoyed are no longer active. So enjoy them while you can.

Politics Nice collection of Labour History, reminding us of past struggles. A bit brief, but I suppose that’s the point A good young British socialist blog A teenager discussing British politics from a left-wing view Left wing American politics A Progressive’s Thoughts A good left-wing American blog Progressive Louisiana Blogger Discussion of American Politics Insightful blog about human rights Good American politics blog Posts several times a day about the American election, follow if you want to be kept up to date

Economics Probably my favourite blog, has brilliant insights into economic theory and debunks many conventional economic ideas An insightful blog by Swedish professional Keynesian economist Lars Syll Good points on the American economy Real World Economics Review – Discussion of heterodox economics issues and flaws of neo-classical view Good factual economics blog Economics blog from a far left perspective  (I’m running out of ways to say this is a good blog) (I’ve run out of things to say, suffice to say its good and you should check it out) Interesting academic blog Teenage Economist

Religion A great blog of really funny cartoons mocking religion Considering the damage religion has done in Northern Ireland this is a much needed blog A blog going through the Bible and mocking all the daft parts (and skipping the boring parts so it actually flies through it quite fast) Good advice and a good blog A good atheist blog Another good atheist blog  Yet another good atheist blog A former Christian turned Atheist Another atheist blog going through the Bible A religious blog that I greatly enjoy arguing with. Probably the most intellectual and well thought out theist blog I know

Humour A great satirical humourous blog written in the style of Flann O’Brien. It’s a very peculiar Irish sense of humour so don’t worry if you don’t get it Good slightly bizarre cartoons. A mix of play on words and teenage humour A hilarious satirical blog about American politics. Specialises Onion-style in parody news reports A surprisingly funny blog that’s mainly about a girl getting drunk and having sex Tongue in cheek lists of 10 usually making fun of Republicans

9 thoughts on “Blogs I’d Recommend”

    1. Your welcome. Well I think us bloggers put a lot of time into our blogs and don’t get a lot in return so I thought it’s about time the good blogs out there got some recognition

  1. I am dearly moved by your compliment Robert. I also greatly enjoy exchanging different points view with you. Your calmness, gentle language and beautiful mind as we go through different topics is amazing.

    Thank you for who you are, Robert.


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