New Year’s Resolutions

I don’t normally do New Years Resolutions, but I thought there’s a first time for everything. I find that I’m more likely to do something if I’ve set myself a goal or target. So here are my four goals for 2013.

1.      Get 100,000 view on my blog

This is a very ambitious goal but its one I aim to make. I am currently on 20,000 views so I naturally want to continue developing. I thought 50,000 might be a more realistic goal but for the month of November I was averaging 140 views a day, which meant if I merely kept this level I would make 50,000. I decided to challenge myself to grow and essentially double the number of views. Its ambitious, but there’s no point setting yourself a challenge that is easy to meet.

2.      Learn Esperanto

I think Esperanto is a great idea and I’m pretty committed to it. Even a short amount of time each day is all you need. I’ve only be practicing a little and already I’ve picked up a lot. I am to be completely fluent and then set up a blog in Esperanto perhaps translating Irish literature and poetry.

3.      Read 50 books

Reading has always been a huge hobby of mine but since going to university I have had little time to read. So I set myself a challenge to motivate myself. 50 books works out at one a week, a challenge I think I can make even if the books I read are usually factual economics and politics ones and not the lightest or easiest of reads.

4.      Add a Book Review Section To My Blog

This isn’t quite a challenge but it links into my last goal. I want to read more and discuss books more. So from now on I’ll be reviewing and discussing any interesting books I come across. This is also connects with my aim of broadening my blog like I did when I added the travel section.

Those are my main goals and aims. I want to keep it realistic and actually complete these goals so I’ll keep the goals short and achievable. I don’t want to make a huge list and end up doing none of it. That’s why I didn’t add too many aims such as learn a musical instrument, even though that’s something I’d like to do, but won’t have the time for. I hope that making this list public will make it harder to back out of and keep me motivated. So here’s to a happy and productive New Year!

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