10 Questions For Christians

In my last post I addressed 10 questions Atheists are commonly asked. I decided it was only fair to follow up with 10 questions for Christians. After all if someone says they are an Atheist, they are often called upon to give an explanation of themselves and to argue their case. Yet being a Christian requires no explanation or proof. In fact most people live their entire lives without anyone questioning their beliefs. Few if any Catholics ever wonder why they are Catholic and not Protestant. Few know anything about non-Christian religions and therefore no thought is given to the religion of their birth. Hardly any ever sit down and ponder the arguments for and against the existence of God, it is simply assumed. Hopefully these questions will make people at least think.

(The questions are in bold and the explanation is in normal font. If you choose to answer these questions, you only have to answer the bold, the rest is just explanation.)

1.       How are you sure your religion is right when there are thousands to choose from and you are Christian simply due to birth?

Religion is like a lottery, you are assigned a random belief based solely on the choice of your parents, which is pretty much decided based on where you live. There are thousands of religions in the world, each claiming their own miracles and holy books as proof. Seeing as you didn’t choose your religion based on any examination of its claims or with comparison to other religions (it’s impossible to do a comparison with them all) how do you know you’re right?

2.       Has science made God obsolete?

Religion had an original purpose in explaining the natural world. Thousands of years ago people didn’t know where life came from, why people got sick or why the seasons changed. So they created elaborate stories to explain it (take the Greek myths for example). However, as our knowledge of science grows larger, the room for God shrinks more and more. We now know how people get sick and how to cure it, we no longer believe they are possessed by devils (as the Bible said) and that prayer is the answer. We know the true source of thunder and weather so we no longer do rain dances or ascribe it to God.

Evolution dealt the strongest blow, by nullifying religions strongest card, how did we get here? Longer could religion claim sole knowledge of the origin of life, now there was a secular proof that has dominated everywhere but the backwaters (which unfortunately includes parts of the American Republican Party). Likewise physicists are making important discoveries into how the universe was created (Big Bang Theory, Higgs Boson etc.).

If God is no longer the main explanation of the natural world, does this make him less relevant and important? True, this was not religions only purpose, but it was a major component of it. Do we need God anymore to understand the world?

3.       Why does God not stop mass murder and genocide?

It is hard to pick up a history book without coming across a description of a brutal massacre. The 20th century contained horrific scenes of genocide from Armenia to Cambodia, to Rwanda, and of course, the Holocaust. Why did God let these things happen? He is supposed to be loving, protector of his children and enemy of evil. Did he not make a covenant with the Jews that he would protect them? The Old Testament is full of examples of him intervening to help them win minor skirmishes, why could he not stop their near annihilation?

In Night, Elie Wiesel describes his imprisonment in Auschwitz under the Nazis. One day the camp was forced to watch the hanging of a child, who being so light for the gallows took an agonising 30 minutes to die. Wiesel records that he heard someone muttering, “Where is God?” to which Wiesel replied, “Hanging on the gallows”. If God cannot stop the sheer evil of the Nazis, then is he as good as dead?

4.       How did Jesus’ death take away our sins?

Christianity is based on the death and resurrection of Jesus. This supposedly removed our sins. But how? How does one person take the sins of the whole world? How can he take responsibility for sins that had not even been committed? By people who weren’t even born yet?

If our sins are forgiven, does that mean everyone will go to Heaven? If all our sins are forgiven, then what is the point of Hell? Surely Jesus’ death made Hell redundant? What is the point of all the rules of religion if, even if we break them, Jesus’ death means they are forgiven?

5.       Is it right that all non-Christians will go to Hell?

Imagine if you were born in Iraq and like everyone else there, you were raised a Muslim. This was the only religion you were familiar with and you knew next to nothing about Christianity. You are still a good person, you raise a loving family, and you are kind and friendly. You give to charity and help those in need. You pray every day and observe the various religious rules. You are by all accounts a good person and model for others. Are you telling me that this person will now go to Hell for not being a Christian? (The Bible is clear that this is a requirement for entry into Heaven) Are you telling me that you will now suffer for eternity due to the fact you were born into a non-Christian country? What sort of vindictive God would do this? While every Western jerk goes to Heaven because they were born Christian?

Are the Jews condemned to an eternity in Hell because they did not accept Jesus as their saviour? What about all the people born before Christianity? Even poor Moses and Abraham who did everything God asked of them, does the No non-Christians rule apply to them? Seeing as religion is a lottery, is it right that being unlucky in birth condemns you to an eternity in Hell?

Allow me to put it bluntly. Is Gandhi going to Hell because he was a Hindu and not a Christian?

6.       Is God a dictator?

Have you ever noticed the similarity between God and a dictator? Both claim to love you and both demand unconditional loyalty in return. If you criticise a dictator you sent to a concentration camp and if you criticise God you are sent to Hell. Like a dictator, God’s word is law. Whatever he says goes. No matter how cruel or absurd it is, no dissent is tolerated. The Old Testament is a list of the brutal crushing of everyone who disagreed with God. Whole civilisations were exterminated for not bowing down before him. His behaviour is that of a megalomaniac tyrant.

Blind obedience is what is required most and like a tyrant, God’s ego needs constant feeding. Creating the universe apparently wasn’t enough, he also needs every town and village to have a monument to him. His subjects must constantly praise him, while asserting how worthless they are compared to him. Christians aren’t required to bow before him like Muslims, the line is drawn at kneeling.

Like a totalitarian dictator God aims to control every aspect of his subjects’ life. There are rules guiding almost everything people do. The Old Testament contains over 650 laws that we are supposed to obey (though Christians have silently and without explanation have ignored most of these rules). Even thought crime is punished. There is no escape from this celestial dictatorship that is everywhere, knows everything and can do anything. It is a nightmare worse than 1984.

7.       What’s the point of prayer?

Prayer plays a large role in Christianity. Jesus repeatedly (Matthew 21:21-2, Luke 11:9-13, John 14:13-4) said that pray can achieve anything, even move mountains into the sea. Then why are prayers so rarely answered? Think of those who are sick and people pray for them, but they die anyway. Some argue that this is because God is mysterious and has his own plan. If so, then what is the point of prayer? If God has a plan that can’t be changed then prayer is useless. If his mind can be changed (really, it only takes one person’s request to change the mind of the master of the universe?) then why doesn’t it work more often? There are millions of sick, injured, poor people in desperate conditions, if God can help some of them, why can’t he help all of them? Isn’t he all-powerful?

Has anyone noticed the correlation between the amount of people who are saved from death thanks to pray and the quality of that country’s hospitals? The most religious part of the world (Africa) where presumably the most praying occurs, is also the place where life is hardest, with disease, poverty, war and famine. Whereas the most secular part of the world (Europe) is where people live the longest and are the richest. I’m not saying correlation is causation but . . .

8.       What is the difference between something that cannot be seen, heard, touch or detected by any of our senses or any scientific measurement device, and something that doesn’t exist?

If I gave you a box and told you that it contained a species that could not be detected by any sense or even the most powerful microscope, in fact there was no way of detecting its existence at all, what would be the difference between this and giving you an empty box?

Is God invisible or just not there?  It is strange to see theologians jump through the most absurd hoops to come up with descriptions of God (“He’s spaceless, timeless, everywhere, nowhere, beyond the laws of physics, outside the universe etc. Often it sounds like they’re making it up as they go along). Have you ever wonder what God is? What is his power source? Everything has a power source and seeing as God can supposedly hear every thought, he must run a pretty massive supercomputer to process it all. Some say he doesn’t need that because he’s God, but simply saying that doesn’t make it true. You can’t randomly ascribe powers, you have to prove it.

While we’re on the topic, where is Heaven? It has to be somewhere otherwise, how do we know it exists? After all, didn’t Jesus and Mary ascend to Heaven? Their bodies had to go somewhere. If Heaven isn’t a physical place, then when we die do our souls just disappear? Heaven is supposed to be above and Hell below, but we’ve checked and they’re not there. Are we looking in the wrong place?

9.       What do you think of Hell and the Devil?

The Devil is like your ancestor who was a racist, they used to be a big part of your family, but now you’re too embarrassed to talk about them. It used to be commonly believed that Devil went around tempting people and causing evil. I haven’t heard much about him lately, whatever happened to him?

Is it just me or is Hell the most vile and horrific concept? Eternal punishment in the most gruesome torture. No levels of degree to take into account the severity of your crime, just a one size fits all, where serial killers get the same treatment as the people who didn’t go to church very often. Why is there Hell, I thought Christianity was all about forgiveness? How could you enjoy Heaven knowing that people are being horrifically tortured? Plus for eternity? Isn’t that extreme? They are few crimes that deserve that level of punishment.

10.   If there was a God do you not think he would have written a better book than the Bible?

The Bible is supposed to be the word of God, the book that will convince us all to do as he says. If so, do you not think he could have done a better job? I mean the Bible has got to be one of the worst books ever. It is incredibly dull and boring, filled with completely useless knowledge. As a general rule, if you want to convert someone, don’t bore them to death. Surely, the creator of the universe for whom all things are possible could have written an interesting book that made sense?

Not only is it mind numbingly boring, it is completely ridiculous. Most of the stories daft and pointless and read like they were written by someone who spent too long in the sun. It is so riddled with contradictions that there are Bible quotes to support both sides of almost any argument. It is constantly tripping up over itself and tangling itself up so that almost every statement has its equal and opposite a few chapters later. To say nothing of all the failed prophecies.

It is also a book full of God slaughtering vast numbers of people for the most trivial of reasons. Entire civilisations are wiped out in mass genocides that God apparently approved of. There is a disgraceful amount of sexism, homophobia, racism, intolerance, hatred, anti-Semitism, bigotry and defence of slavery. There are rules condemning people to death for the most absurd reasons. If it was published today, it would be denounced as a disgusting and morally reprehensible book.


So there are my 10 questions for Christians. These are meant as serious questions to get people thinking and create a dialogue. I am not trying to offend or provoke anyone. Atheists are regularly grilled on their beliefs (as they should be) so it is only fair that Christians too think about their beliefs. I would like to invite my Christian readers to answer these questions and I am genuinely interested in their responses. There are many things in life that are just taken for granted and assumed without reason. We should not let our minds stagnate into unquestioned belief. Assume nothing, question everything.

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    1. Yes good questions. Consider these respectful answers.
      1. Yes, most religious alignment comes from birth. Not all decline to examine the evidence. I was born catholic, went to catholic schools and church and never read a bible. Just believed because I was told this was who we are. I picked up a bible at age 34.

      Yes thousands of religions. Who is right. In order to answer this, you need to answer if you believe there is a God or not. Is it possible there is a God? If you say no, how could you really know for sure based on you logical mindset? It seems this blog, most would say they do not and if that is the camp you are in, I understand more so the question. Since I will answer this question from the understanding that there is a God, allow me to come at it from that perspective.

      If there is a God, then the 1000 or so religions can not all be right. I grew up believing in God but always wondered the same question. If there is a God, which one is right? My logical thought process immediately led me to what many do. Whether a attorney, detective doctor or scientist might so. Examine the evidence. We can talk about that in later questions.

      For this one, the bible says that God has stamped the truth of His being on all of our hearts. That every one of us has been given enough information to make it obvious that he exists. That since the creation of the world God’s invisible attributes and divine nature are clearly seen by the things that are made, so that people are without excuse for not seeking to know him. But we reject the truth and choose to serve and worship the creature rather than the creator. (He gave us free will) Look at the vastness of the universe, the intricate design and the delicate balance that sustains life. So for this answer we are for now going to say this is true. If it is, it make perfect sense that human nature, knowing in their heart of hearts, deep down knowing there is a God, in their free will and selfish desire to satisfy self, they create there own God that they feel suits them better. This way, they can create God in their own image, feel good about themselfs because they believe in some God they know if real, but fashion him in a way that suits their needs or life style. Hence, 1000’s of religions. this answers why there are so many, not why I believe Christianity is the right one. That will take another post that would focus on examination of the evidence. Is anyone interested in hearing that?

      1. Why is it impossible to compare religions? We compare everything else in this world. Houses, cars, jobs… you name it. I have studied the big 4, wanting to answer this question myself. If God wrote a book, what would you expect from it? A best seller? Accurate historical evidence, fulfilled prophesy, supernatural understanding, changed lives, convict and penetrate you when you open your heart to it, and not the least… but explain who we are, how we got here and where this world is going? Does it line up with what we are experiencing in the world around us? Wouldn’t you expect Gods Book to be set apart from any other book ever written? You would think so.

        There is so much to answer this question, it is not practical to try in this setting. A 30,000 ft. view to follow, please ask questions if you want me to drill down on any of them specifically.

        What is the best selling book ever? The bible. Every year, every time, by a mile. Look it up. By miles and miles. not even close. Then add the literary rivers that flow from it in concordance, commentary etc. compared to any book ever written, nothing comes close. Including the other religious books like the Koran etc. You can’t even compare it to any other book, the gulf between the bible and the rest is enormous.

        What is the most accurate historical book known to man? The bible. Everything we know about past nations, people groups, geography, etc. The bible is the most accurate. Our entire legal system was based on the principles of the book of Deuteronomy. Our nation was founded on the bible. Societies moral codes are based on it. We have been trying to write the bible off for thousands of years and can’t. Every archaeological find he uncover confirms it. (we have uncovered a small fraction) but give me one piece of history, story or geographical fact outlined in the bible that you can prove is false? Just 1?

        What ancient book ever written has the most manuscript evidence? The bible. The ancient book next in line to the bible for manuscript evidence (original documents close to the actual dates it was written) is a book called homers iliad. A greek writing about the time of the Trojan wars. It is a classical literary work worth tons of money for its age and manuscript evidence to support the claims written in it. If you went into a historical library and said you doubt the authenticity of Homer’s Iliad, they would laugh you out of the building. over 600 original manuscripts on the original parchments (scrolls)

        The bible has over 1500 manuscripts for the new testament alone. (that we have found so far) going back to less than 50 years from when Jesus died on the cross. 5000 or more if you include the old testament. People doubted the reliability of the book of Isaiah for hundreds of years because we did not have any manuscripts close to the time of when it claims to have been written. We only had bits and pieces of the original text.
        Then one day in the 1940’s a little Shepard boy threw a rock up high into a cave and heard a crash. What he found was the dead see scrolls. in it, an entire, original copy of the book of Isaiah on the actual parchment from the times when it was written. Every one waited anxiously to see how it compared to the bibles we have today. The skeptics were once again foiled. Almost word for word accurate to the bibles we have today. a few letters were different due to the original language it was written in.

        I could go on and on with fulfilled prophesy that no one could have know other than God. How about the bible was written over 1500 years, by 40 different people from all different professions and walks of life. They all wrote about the same central figure or person. That person being Jesus Christ. they all wrote with amazing unity and accuracy. That could have only been accomplished if there was one author with His hand on the pen. That author being the creator of the universe. Try getting 40 people from the same company or town to write about the same event or person and see how accurate or diverse the testimonies will be.

        The koran is riddled with historical errors like other religious writings. you cant even compare them with the bible.

        Lastly, the bible is unique from other religious writings in that others are all the same in that they speak about gaining favor with God by earning it. They all write from a perspective of what we must do to please God. How we must be good enough and He will be pleased with us. They all teach you get to heaven by some how earning it. Christianity is the only faith base that teaches you cant earn it. None of us are good enough no matter how hard we try. That we have a debt to pay for denying the only true God and going our own way or creating our own version of God. But God loved us so much, he came in the form of a man, lived a perfect sinless life and paid the debt for sin on our behalf, so that who soever might believe in Him, would not perish but have eternal life. The Bible teaches that we all are blind, lost and without hope apart from Jesus. It is on His merits or coat tail that we gain favor with God. It’s not of ourselves. That without a relationship with Him, the world will implode. Self destruct with twisted, selfish desires. It says in the end days, what is right will be wrong and what is wrong will be right. What is good will be bad and what is bad will be good. That we will ultimately self destruct, hating each other and will tear our world apart. All rooted in me centered selfish desires. Sound familiar? Watch the news. What other religion is so spot on with the world we live in?

        1. Finally, a good answer to this question. Your answer to this question can not be disputed, greatly written. I will be sure to direct my atheistic friends to this when I am questioned about this. Praise to the Lord and our saviour Jesus Christ. See you in paradise mate 🙂

    2. 2 Has science made God obsolete?
      From a biblical perspective, God is the author of science. He created it all and sustains it all. He also gave us the wisdom, ability and wonder to learn to understand it all. Just because we can learn about weather patterns, how lighting is formed and the vast discoveries about the human body, why does that make God obsolete? Because we figured some stuff out about Gods creation, that means He no longer exists? This speaks again to the pride of men who suppress the truth and think we figured it all out.

      Big bang Theory. It’s just that… a theory. do you know what that word means? Theory is not truth. Since when did order and delicate design ever come from an explosion? Thats like saying you can throw a stick of dynamite into a printing press and come out with the decoration of independence. Science does not prove there is no God. To the contrary. It’s confirms or is evidence there must be one. Take the greatest scientists in the world. Put them all in a room and ask them to explain with their science where the energy comes from at the nucleus of an atom? you know the things that make up everything in the living world? The thing that has so much energy and power it can blow up continents? No one knows at least in the secular world. Christians know exactly where that comes from. Professing to be wise… (with all our Science) we became fools.

      So what are saying that millions of years ago, there was an explosion. 1 planet in the universe fell into perfect alignment and rotation. Then a drop of moisture some where and life was born? life does not come from nothing. Them over millions of years we evolved and figured it all out including the smart phone? All on our own? Really? That takes way more faith than a creator. The reason scientists came up with that is the started with the pre-conceived notion that there is no God. Then when the fossil record did not support evolution and this could have never happens with a young earth, they added time and said this planet must be millions of years old. Why would they do this? because they are selfish sinners and suppressing the truth. (Romans 1) because they dont want to be accountable to God. So they serve and worship the creation rather than the creator. Do you homework. There are many scientists out there that believe the evidence is heavily stacked to support a creator. Are greatest scientific achievements are from God fearing scientists that followed the evidence and did not chase their pre conceived notions that there was not creator and there is nothing supernatural in this world… so the world must be millions of years old cause thats the only other way evolution could have been remotely possible. Look into what our schools are teaching as scientific fact. Dig deep and you will see huge pieces of their logic is filled in with THEORY and is by no means been proven.

      Read below from 1st Corinthians. It explains our arrogant thinking that we evolved and figured this all out on our own.

      For the message of the cross is foolishness to those who are perishing, but to us who are being saved it is the power of God. 19 For it is written:

      “I will destroy the wisdom of the wise;
      the intelligence of the intelligent I will frustrate.”[c]
      20 Where is the wise person? Where is the teacher of the law? Where is the philosopher of this age? Has not God made foolish the wisdom of the world? 21 For since in the wisdom of God the world through its wisdom did not know him, God was pleased through the foolishness of what was preached to save those who believe. 22 Jews demand signs and Greeks look for wisdom, 23 but we preach Christ crucified: a stumbling block to Jews and foolishness to Gentiles, 24 but to those whom God has called, both Jews and Greeks, Christ the power of God and the wisdom of God. 25 For the foolishness of God is wiser than human wisdom, and the weakness of God is stronger than human strength.

      1 Corinthians 1:18-25

    3. Hey everyone, the name is Slarkel. We will answer each of these questions in a polite manner through the holy spirit. When I was younger, I used to be heavily into sin, I was into pornography, disobedience to parents and people, violent thoughts, etc. That is until around the end of the age of 17 I started to realize that Jesus is really the only way. I repented all of my sin, confessed them, and asked for forgiveness. He has changed my life and made it his, we are filled with much blessings now, and the same thing can happen to you all also.

      Here is the answer to question #1 We will be putting more on here in time if our father wills. Romans 10:9 “If you confess with your mouth that Jesus is lord, and believe in your heart that he was raised from the dead, you shall be saved” 🙂

      https://vocaroo.com/i/s1rT2WcpL294 Copy this link

    4. 1. I hate the word “religion”. I also don’t think I am the authority on whats “right”. God is. That being said the reason why we believe Jesus is THE way THE truth THE life is because the Bible said so (and we believe in the bible) and one profound piece of proof is the empty tomb that is there to visit this day. You won’t find his grave because he is alive. Thats what makes him different.

      2. This is my favorite question because Science not only is NOT obsolete but science is what proves God exists!! I want you for one moment to consider one of millions of scientific examples: The human body. Have you ever seen a more powerful, clever engineering? We all know just by seeing with our own eyes this was not an “accidental” engineering but one very much on purpose. Babies go from being a single cell to a full grown human that is able to be 100% nourished by food created by the mothers body. Science makes that milk transfer antibodies specific to the infants needs. Look at your own body. Every cell is in concert to keep you alive. Every joint supplies. That is not an accident. No big bang woke up this morning and decided to give me brown hair. intelligent design is evident in nature.

      3. I believe we live in a fallen humanity and that Satan goes around like a roaring lion seeking whom he may devour. I believe genocide is the work of the enemy.

      4. This one is one that was vividly described in all four gospels (Mark, Luke, John and Matthew) and his death atoned for our sins because he was born of a virgin birth and led a sinless life so that once and for all he could be the ultimate sacrifice for man kind and when he died he took the keys from Satan, making a show of him openly. It takes faith to believe it happened but again, there is an empty tomb.

      5. In his word, he says that he would above all things that you live a life of abundance and you spend eternity with him. I’m sure nothing crushes the heart of God more when we reject the free gift he offers to us to go our own way.

      6. No, he isn’t a dictator because he gives us FREE WILL. the nazis in germany were not given a choice whether or not to serve. We are all given a free choice to serve him he loved humanity so much that he gave us free will. He is a loving father.

      7. We believe prayer changes things. So many examples in the bible where prayer caused God to extend life by eleven years, caused him to give an infertile woman a baby, caused the lame to walk, the blind to see. Why would I not pray?

      8. There is a portion of God we will not see until we are in heaven. NOW faith is the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things not seen. Thats what we believe because its in the word.

      9. I not only believe the devil is my enemy looking for any opportunity to derail my faith, family, or future but I know I fight against a spiritual force. If you pay attention, you will know it too! You’re right, very little is said about the devil anymore because our society wants a “feel good” doctrine. Its a problem. You have an enemy!

      10. CLEARLY, you and I aren’t reading the same bible or something. In Genesis, we read about the Garden of Eden and the first murder. In Exodus, we see God give Pharoah like ten chances and plead with him to do the right thing and when he didn’t, the children of Israel walked through an ocean that parted for them. Beniah went down into a pit and slew a lion on a snowy day! David had an affair on his wife and lost a child and nearly everything over it. Ruth saved her people. Abigail saved her people.

      If the bible is boring to you, talk to an interesting Christian and find out what version they enjoy. Keep trying!

    1. I like your questions and I think they challenge people in a different way. I suppose I focus more on the teachings of Christianity and yours focused more on God’s existence

        1. bible teaches that once a christian, always a christian. Once you are His, he will never let you go. It says if they went out from us, they were never with us to begin with. Jesus said, “many honor me with their lips but there hearts are far from me. In vain they worship Me, teaching the commandments of men” Thats why so many versions of Christianity look so ugly. Because they are false Christs. They are pretenders to make them selves feel good. They say the right things but their hearts are far from Him.

        2. M.
          I read your profile. I would enjoy discussions with you. your story is heavy on my heart
          did you write the 10 quesitons? I have answered a few. I hope they resonate with you.

  1. You left out the question: “If Jesus was a god, how could he die and if he did somehow die, did he not know that he would be resurrected, making the whole “sacrifice” a stage show and a sham?”

      1. Hey Robert I know you may not see this based on the fact that you wrote this in 2013 but I just want to tell you that I know you may have many questions about Jesus but please don’t give up becuase spending all of your day thinking about Jesus is worth it. A lot of questions you may have been mostly been answered on youtube so thats one place you can go to have an answer. Another is a pastor, if you can maybe find a church or maybe a friend who does go, try asking them if you could meet with thier pastor, I know that when I met with one it really helped some questions I had and opened my eyes. So know there are places to go to that can answer your questions.

    1. “You left out the question: “If Jesus was a god, how could he die”

      Good one- the paradoxes of God: how can he be one and three, God and man? He is outside physics and our minds, no-one knows. Although it does say he gave up his rights as God but still how can God give up his own character and essence, etc. Fascinating- though if we could understand I would doubt I’d believe this being was God.

      “and if he did somehow die, did he not know that he would be resurrected, making the whole “sacrifice” a stage show and a sham?””

      I had a friend who said this too- it depends on point of view, it’s easy to think in our point of view but the mind of another person, let alone Jesus? The worst thing for Jesus was separation from God, even a second would be too much. Let alone the pain and death, I mean I’m sorry but if God asked me to be whipped beyond recognition and nailed to a cross to save the world, I’d say no. Plus no matter the good to come at the end it still takes a lot to suffer pain and be in the midst of it. That’s no small thing. He still sacrificed abandonment, shame, humiliation and death that I wouldn’t go through to save anyone. He did it willingly, God didn’t make him, he had a choice- it was still a hard choice, he sweated blood he was so freaked out.

      Good questions.

      1. Jesus was not God. God is Spirit. Jesus was the son of God.
        Jesus body was a temple for the spirit.
        A spirit is a motivation.
        He was one with God because they had the same motivation.
        God is the Truth.
        The Truth is the motivation. That created the universe.
        The Truth is three in one.
        The Truth is Love Liberty and humiliy.
        These three work together and agree as one.
        This trinity the persuasion that guides creation in the universe.
        It all started when The Truth filled the universe with light. The light was divided from the darkness into matter and antimatter. Antimatter was selfish and afraid it wasn’t the best so to prove it it sought to consume what matters.
        Was a great war in heaven between matter and antimatter. Antimatter lost because it was backed by the Truth of Love Liberty Humility. In fact the greatest love liberty is all is lawful except for that which is controlling antimatter sort of control and lost.
        Energy is not destroyed and only changes forms. Antimatter was changed into spiritual energy an energy of motivation.
        Is motivating and easily be seen on the quantum level where things are seemingly random. This is the free will that God affords negative consuming evil fearful energy.
        God allows us free will to choose to either believe that the Truth is that we should sacrifice for Liberty or that we should be a slave using our free will to choose controlled by consumption and fear.
        Consumption and fear is of selfishness which seeks to consume to avoid the frustration that selfishness creates. This is how we all start life. Being controlled.
        The other hand the truth is the sacrifice because this is courage is liberty is humility. Since we all start out being controlled by The Lie of consumption to avoid frustration It is not a choice. This is called addiction. Addicted to the whim of the control of selfishness is how we are all born.
        The choice would be to choose overcome the way you started out by choosing the opposite of selfishness and instead seek to please the Truth and not whims of pleasing whatever thought pops into our head.
        Jesus showed us we can choose to overcome negative selfish controlling thoughts.
        However people think that Jesus is God completely miss this point and In fact use it as an excuse to say they cannot overcome negative selfishness.
        It is written God cannot be tempted.
        Jesus was tempted multiple times.

        1. As far as God being humble goes if God was not humble we would all be destroyed for look how many children our selfishness has killed from starvation by our willingness to allow the rich that can’t even get into heaven to keep fooling us into believing them. Worst yet so many people who say they believe in Jesus keep supporting leaders who would rather hoard riches than Sacrifice.

          The Truth is the most humble as it allows the freedom and free will to choose The Lie to even exist.

          We are about to find out real soon if whose side they are actually on.

          Very soon the Truth will be empowering those who believe in it and they will administer Liberty.

    2. The bible says the wages of sin is death. God demands a payment for sin. Hence the requirement for sacrifice in the old testament. The sacrificing of animals was to prepare us for the final sacrifice of Jesus on the cross. His atonement was willingly. He know He was going to die at the hands of men whom He created. Jesus was not a martyr. It was payment for us. Like someone taking a death sentence on your behalf. God loved us enough to send His only Son to bring us to God, making payment for our sin. Yes He was God in the flesh, dying for us, so that whosoever shall believe in Him, will be made right with God.

      For Christ died once for our sins. The just for the unjust. that he might bring us to God, being put to death in the flesh, but made alive in the spirit.

      1 Peter 3:18

  2. Another question – How would God feel about the Vatican sitting on the largest pile of plundered wealth in the history of our known world? How about entire civilizations eradicated in his name? Lets poll Christians on sexual abuse within the church; surely there must be a proper evangelical answer to explain the rape of young boys.

    1. The Catholic church is a false church. It looks nothing like the church of the new testament. Just because someone says they are a Christian, does not mean God says they are. The new testament is full of warnings about false Christians and teachers that will lead us away from the truth. it says they are dressed in sheeps clothing but inwardly they are ravenous wolves, seeking whom they can devour. that is a great word picture. They look like Christians on the outside.

      They say Peter was the first pope? Read in the new testament when people would fall down at peters feet and try to even have his shadow fall upon them. Peter would say get up! this is not about me. It is Christ we serve. Jesus is on the thrown. Now we see the pope on the thrown with his crown and people prostrating themselves before him and kissing his ring. Where is Christ getting the glory in that picture? They will one day answer for their deception.

  3. Excellent questions, my only thoughts are that you shouldn’t have tried to explain what you think about the questions. It is like railroading someone, that’s what I think, I could be wrong.

    1. I suppose you’re right. I didn’t consider what giving my answers would look like to Christians. I had intended to explain my point so there was no misunderstanding, but it probably comes across as answering my own question.

  4. Nice set of questions… I seriously doubt any Christians will respond, though. Still, i’d like to see CaptainCatholic (Paul), Roy and Prayson try to answer these.

      1. Hey came across this page. I know i am like a year 1/2 late lol! but did u ever get your questions answered?

  5. These are wonderful questions that I hope Christians will wrestle with them. I would love to offer how I would answer them, but I will like to take them one by one if that is fine with you Robert. 😀

      1. 1. How are you sure your religion is right when there are thousands to choose from and you are Christian simply due to birth?

        Just like an atheist who believe that atheism is true, out of thousands other believes, it does not matter if one is born in Christian or an atheist family and is thereafter a Christian or an atheist.

        A Christian or an atheist child may not have chose their believes in comparison of other believes, but that does not show whether Christianity or atheism is false or true.

        After growing out of my childish Christianity belief, and became an skeptical atheist for almost all my teenhood and early twenties, I began my search with Buddhism and was captivated by the philosophy of Confucius.

        After being challenge by a beautiful lady, who is now my wife, that I can not deny what I do not know, I major philosophy of religion and Christian theology which introduced me the case from cosmology, that the cause of the universe, if it had a cause that is, must have the properties of timeless, spaceless, immaterial, nonphysical and of necessary being. If, and a big if, this being exists only Judeo-traditional understanding of God is true, leaving only three religions: Judaism, Islam and Christianity.

        Islam is built out of a Mohammad’s commentary of Old and New Testament. Mohammad , ca. 600 years later after Christ, denied that Jesus died on the cross, which is historically false. Judaism in other hand deny that Jesus is the waited Jewish king.

        I choose Christianity because I was persuaded and I am persuaded that Jesus rose again. If it is true that Jesus rose again, then that make me sure that Christianity is the right one in thousands others to choose from, including atheism.

        I welcome questions 🙂

        1. Imagine that all religions have an equal chance of being correct (seeing as we don’t know until we die). Therefore any religion has a 1 in several thousand chance of being correct (slim odds). It would be possible to narrow down these odds by comparing the different religions and choosing the one you think is closest to the truth. However there are too many to compare and most of them have been wiped out (by sectarian force). Also almost all religious people (I’d estimate 99%) simply continue in the religion they were raised in. So their chance of finding the true religion is the same as buying a raffle ticket.

          Even if you narrow it down to Christianity, there are an estimated 40,000 different branches, which if we assume have equal chance of being true, means you have very slim odds.

          1. You are correct all religions + atheism have an equal chance of being correct. Truth, Robert, is independent of subjects quantity. Even if the whole world believed that 2 + 2 = 3 and you are the only one who believes that 2 + 2 = 4, the odds that you are correct does not depend on the whole world believe, but if its true that 2 + 2 = 4.

            It is irrelevant that almost all religious people continue in the religion they were raised in. What is relevant is do they have good reasons to continue in the religion they were raised in.

            Should I move to question 2? Did I give you an okay answer to why I chose Christianity?

            1. What I meant was that as all religions share similar qualities, that of God(s) who created everything and give rules to follow (of a roughly similar nature), then can be considered similar. Atheism fits into a separate category.

              The relevance of religion based on birth is that whether or not you are following the true religion (a requirement of the afterlife) comes down to the luck of birth. It depends on what country you were born in and who you parents are, both of which are beyond your control. If all non-believers will be punished in the afterlife (a belief common to most religions) then they are being punished for something beyond their control.

              I acknowledge that you are somewhat of an exception, in that you moved away from the religion you were born with. Out of curiosity, did you return to the same branch of Christianity that you were raised in?

              We can move onto question 2 now. We don’t want to be stuck all day on the first question and we can always return to this one later.

              1. Are you sure that all religions share similar qualities, that of God(s) who created everything and give rules to follow? Comparing Confucianism, Deism, Epicureanism, Jainism, Stoicism, Taoism, and Zoroastrianism, you will discover that some believe God is the Universe those existed eternally, and many most do not include a given transcend rule to follow.

                It might be true to some level the relevance of religion based on birth, but since some who are born Christians end up atheists, while others are born atheists end up deists, Christians etc,then I find it irrelevant.

                My big brother, Erick, also walked away, and tried Islam, and Catholicism, and he ended up an atheist. He is an atheist to date. Our parents are charismatic Protestants, sadly I am reformed Baptist and my wife is a Lutheran.

                Should I take 2 now?

                1. I would still believe most religions have the basic principle of “Do good and we’ll reward in the afterlife”, but we have 9 more questions to go through, so let’s move onto question 2

                  1. “Most” is better than “all” Robert :).

                    2.Has science made God obsolete?

                    If you mean Judeo-God, No. But quite the opposite in true. Late Antony Flew changed from atheism to deism because of new finding in science on the teleological case for existence of God and atheist philosopher, Bradley Monton, is less sure about his atheism because of the same reasons Flew encounter.

                    Some eminent scientists like Sir John Houghton FRS claimed that “[o]ur science is God’s science. He holds the responsibility for the whole scientific story […] The remarkable order, consistency, reliability and fascinating complexity found in the scientific description of the universe are reflections of the order, consistency, reliability and complexity of God’s activity.’(The Search for God – Can Science Help?, Oxford, Lion, 1995 p.59.) and the former Director of Kew Gardens, Sir Ghillean Prance FRS states that “[f]or many years I have believed that God is the great designer behind all nature […] All my studies in science since then have confirmed my faith. I regard the Bible as my principal source of authority.”(God and the Scientists, compiled by Mike Poole, CPO 1997.)

                    Ironically it was some atheist scientists who feared the application of the big bang. Example Sir Arthur Eddington (1882–1944) said “Philosophically, the notion of a beginning of the present order of Nature is repugnant […] I should like to find a genuine loophole.” and the former editor of Nature, Sir John Maddox claimed big bang is “‘thoroughly unacceptable” because it gave people who believed in Genesis account that God created the universe in finite time ago, “ample justification” for their beliefs.

                    Scientific finding does not make God, as believe in Judeo-traditions, obsolete but increases the plausibility that God does exist.

                    Again open for questions. Though I will answer them tomorrow as I am off to bed.

                    1. I’m also off to bed, so I’ll keep it short. We seem to be looking at it from two different angles. You seem to view the question as a metaphysical one on whether science has disproved the God hypothesis. I’m looking at it from an anthropological view by considering the original reason religion was formed, to provide answers to questions about the natural world. Seeing as many of these questions have since been answered scientifically, does this narrow the room for God?

                      I can easily imagine ancient people cowering in awe and fear at thunder and presuming that there must be a powerful person behind it, someone who must be pleased or else. I can imagine farmers worshiping the rain and the sun for providing their livelihood and making offerings out of desperation. At a time when medical treatment was non-existent, what choice did people have but pray for a miracle? This is where religion came from. Now that we know the true cause of thunder, the weather, disease etc, has the room and need for God been narrowed?

                    2. Well,that is why I wrote if you mean God as understood by Jude-traditions.

                      According to contemporary anthropology and cognitive development research on psychology of religion, human brain is “finely tuned”(using their term) to believe in a god-like beings. Children, both from atheistic and theistic background formed what they called natural religion of assigning effect with personal agent causes. Thus you will find that most all civilizations had some god-like beings and attribute some cause to those being.

                      Science explains the mechanism of example on how an engine or thunder, disease work, but this does not necessarily explain away the second cause behind. Example, I may explain to a physical-chemical level how an engine works, that does not necessarily remove the explanation that the engine has a cause (viz., design by an agent). Thus a person who attributes how an agent behind how the engine works, is not necessarily false when he find out how the engine mechanically works

                      Big bang for example did affects example Hinduism, and old atheism, which Russell and Sagan subscribed, since they thought the universe is eternal.

                      You also have to keep in mind that modern science made some of old science obsolete. Example Darwin’s tree is viewed now by many evolutionist biology as false, but that does not show that science, example Darwinism, is false but that some understanding of science is false.

                      Questions, before I move to Q3.

                    3. I’ll let this one go, lacking enough knowledge in anthropology or evolutionary science. True science does not remove God completely, but rather narrows the space in which he operates, at least in my view. For example people used to say that not a hair falls off someone head without God willing it. Today, most believers wouldn’t give God such a ;large role in our lives. You might need to start a new thread as we’re running out of space for replies.

                    4. It does not matter if God plays a role or not in our lives Robert. That is another question by itself. The question is has science made God obsolete. From classical Judeo-traditional understanding of God, my answer is no. I will take your next question now.

                    5. The quote you offer including the words “The remarkable order, consistency, reliability and fascinating complexity found in the scientific description of the universe are reflections of the order, consistency, reliability and complexity of God’s activity.” . . . Have you any idea where this gentleman could get the idea that God’s activities show “order, consistency, reliability,” certainly the Bible shows exactly the opposite. This is the problem of these arguments, people see what they want to see and disregard the rest.

                      Starting in Genesis, God tells A&E if they eat from “the Tree” surely they will die. So, they eat from the Tree and the punishment is not death but banishment and condemnation of all subsequent people. (Please do not suggest that A&E were immortal as they is contradicted directly in scripture.) And this is just the beginning: no order, no consistency, no reliability, but you quote this man as if he has some special insight into both the science and the scripture.

                      If one looks at science one sees that Nature is largely self-organizing, that over time the vast number of scientific questions asked were able to be answered without appealing to magic (although magic is invoke over and over, it is invariably the wrong answer) and while thrological claims have been often overturned by science, at no time has a scientific concept been overturned by theology.

                      I do appreciate you and Robert having a “go” together, though. That part is refreshing.

          2. Yes there are many denominations is Christianity. But those are man made. In the bible there are not baptists, catholic s etc. you were either a believer in Jesus or you were not. The scriptures are very black and white. You are either for Him or against Him. There is no middle ground.

            What are the odds of the big bang theory being true? The scientific reality of this earth and man kind coming from an explosion? They cant even calculate those odds. How foolish are we?

  6. “According to contemporary anthropology and cognitive development research on psychology of religion, human brain is “finely tuned”(using their term) to believe in a god-like beings. Children, both from atheistic and theistic background formed what they called natural religion of assigning effect with personal agent causes. Thus you will find that most all civilizations had some god-like beings and attribute some cause to those being.”
    Citation, please.

    1. New Scientist: 4th February 2009, Michael Brooks contended that science after 1970s indicates that “our minds are finely tuned to believes in gods” while on March 21th 2012 Justin L. Barrett contended childrens “minds are naturally tuned up to believe in gods”.

      Contemporary researches contending for the that conclusion:

      1. Scott Atran, atheist anthropologist, in his book “In Gods We Trust”(2002)

      2. Pascal Boyer, atheist evolutionary psychologist and anthropologist, “Religion Explained”(2001)

      3. Deborah Kelemen, psychologist based on research in cognitive development,”Are Children “Intuitive Theists”? in Psychological Science Journals May 2004 15: 295-301

      4. Philippe Rochat, Tricia Striano, Rachel Morgan, “Who is doing what to whom? Young infants’ developing sense of social causality in animated displays”, Perception Journal 2004: Vol. 33: 355-369

      5. Justin L. Barrett and Amanda Johnson, ” The Role of Control in Attributing Intentional Agency to Inanimate Objects”, Journal of Cognition and Culture 3.3 2003 208-217

      I can mail you the last three journals for I used them in writing my thesis on this field.


      1. No need, I just wanted to keep you on your toes.
        Of course, given the opportunity, children grow out of such beliefs”Santa, Easter Bunny, Fairies……gods.

        Only those poor folk who are inculcated in the nonsense that is religion and god belief struggle later on in life…folk like you, for instance.
        Tis a shame…but that’s life.
        I would only ask that you keep any religious garbage or god belief to yourself and not poison any children you may come into contact with please?

        1. Arkenaten, there is so much anger pour out. I do not know where your coming from, but I hope we could atleast be mature gentlemen who are not forcing their belief others but reason together with love, gentleness, respect and understanding.

          What rights do you have to ask me to keep what I believe to be true from a child who wish to know what I believe to be true and why I believe it to be true?

          Would it be fair if I asked you to keep any atheistic garbage or no god belief to yourself and not poison any children you may come into contact with?

          I believe in a freedom of speech where agnostics, skeptics, atheists and theists come together, as you see Robert and I, to discuss issues, with love and gentleness.

          I love you and respect your beliefs Arkenaten and nothing, even name calling, will change my nature to care for others, fight for the rights to be heard.

          It is my hope, we stop ridiculing each other and focus on the arguments presented and not the people holding them.


          1. I do not inculcate any children with my beliefs but will answer any questions with truth and honesty.

            You are a Christian and according to your creed are obliged to evangelize. This is poisoning the mind of a child as you state what you pass on is truth. This is absolute crud. The bible is an erroneous fallacious collection of mostly horrific tales of genocide and debauchery.

            Your desire to focus on the arguments is such a pithy response as you have no true desire to seek truth; Christianity/religion is the anathema of truth and its adherents are party to this.
            Your cult butchered its way across the world until it had eradicated heresy and from its lofty ivory tower was able to whitewash itself and claim respectability.

            You may consider yourself reasonable, yet you still adhere to the Nicene Creed and extremists of your cult want Creationism in schools and every child to acknowledge the supremacy of your man god, Jesus.

            Religion has no place in the 21st century.

            1. Come on, a bit of respect please. I agree with what you’re saying, but there’s no need to be rude. Prayson is respectfully answering these questions and I would like him to continue. He shouldn’t be crudely mocked and insulted. Not all Christians are lunatics or fanatics. I highly value the power of debate and strongly believe that even if someone disagrees with me, they are still entitled to their opinions and should be met with reasoned arguments, not cheap shots. I don’t want this blog to be full of people who simply agree with me, I want to hear the other side. Insulting comments like yours do not help.

              1. Fair point.
                Supposed reasonable people like Prayson really have no interest in atheists as they enter any fray ‘knowing ‘ they are right.
                Most comments are a thin veneer of civility covering a who,e heap of condescension.
                And what folk like Prayson spawn are the fanatics that want Evangelism and Creationism in schools as part of the curriculum.

                Respect is earned, not automatically dished out as a matter of course.
                Christians and other religious people have had enough time to earn that respect and have failed dismally at every turn.

                But It is your blog. That I respect.

                1. Arkenaten, I believe I am with you against evangelism and creationism(young earth) in public school. So I am sad about your generalization.

                  I am against young earth creationism, but respect their right to believe what they wish to believe. Recently I exchanged with YEC at Old-Earth Creationists Embrace the Bias of Secular Science

                  As Robert put it, insulting comments do not help. They only bring heat instead of light. I know you are an awesome person, personally and I wish what we say on net is what we would have if we sat down for coffee/tea together.

                  Do judge, criticize and focus at arguments presented and not the person making the arguments.


                  1. Wrong.
                    They Are NOT entitled to believe what they like where this belief has a bearing on others, especially children and neither are you.
                    We are all entitled to our own opinion but not our own facts.
                    What you believe is not factual and it is morally wrong to pass it off as such.

                    “Do judge, criticize and focus at arguments presented and not the person making the arguments.”

                    All humans judge, it is natural.

                    In such cases it is very difficult to totally avoid ad hominum comments.
                    Your faith obliges you to proselytize. This is considered to be sanctioned by your god to act as a representative. Plus, as you believe this diatribe whole heatedly I consider there is little difference between the man and his message.

                    It is hogwash and neither you or any other religious person has ever been/will ever be able to produce a single line that refutes this- but I am more than willing, ne, eager for you to try to present a rational, moral argument for what you believe and insist on espousing.
                    So far you have failed at every turn…..

          2. Thank you Mary Cooper…

            In all seriousness, you would not countenance that people be allowed to proselytize Nazism, now would you?
            You might even squirm at Communism or Fascism.
            So why do you think religion is any different?
            Why do you not advocate that Islam be taught to children alongside Christianity? In fact, why not teach Islam to your own kids? *(if /when you have any)
            Both are monotheistic, both acknowledge Jesus and both utilize Judaism as the basis for their own faith.

            Let the young be the judge of whether Jihad is morally reprehensible or not.
            After all, your god sanctioned slavery and genocide so why not Jihad?

            1. Arkenaten, I have never blocked someone from commenting on my blog but you are pushing me to it. If you don’t stop harassing and insulting other people, I will block you. I disagree with Prayson, but he is always polite and well mannered. His comments are made to further the debate and find solutions. Your comments are solely to mock and insult. I don’t want this blog to only contain people who agree with me, so I would appreciate if you didn’t intimidate them into silence.

    2. Which is mans way of saying… Romans 1. For Gods has stamped the knowledge of himself on our hearts. For since the beginning of the world, his invisible attributes have been clearly seen by the things that have been made.

      Call it cognitive development research or what ever you want. I call it what God calls it. The reality of God is written on our souls. But we suppress it.

  7. 3. Why does God not stop mass murder and genocide?

    I do not know why God does not stop mass murder and genocide. But does existence of mass murder and genocide make it impossible for God to exit(logical problem of evil)? Or even, if it is possible, does it make God’s existence improbable (evidential problem of evil)?

    Before I take a clergy cap, to explain the emotional problem of evil, I would put a philosophical cap first to show that mass murder and genocide does not make impossible nor improbable for an omni-God to exist.

    It is generally accepted in contemporary philosophy that Alvin Plantinga Free Will Defense(FWD) solved the logical problem of evil. The leading atheist champion of this case, late J. L. Mackie admitted, “problem of evil does not, after all, show that the central doctrines of theism are logically inconsistent with one another […God] might not eliminate evils, even though it was logically possible to do so and though he was able to do whatever is logically possible, and was limited only by the logical impossibility of having the second-order good without the first-order evil ”(1982 The Miracle of Theism. Oxford: Clarendon Press. p.145)

    William L. Rowe, a leading atheist defender of evidential problem of evil, in North American Philosophical Quarterly Vol. 16, No. 4 October 1979 made it clear: “Some philosophers have contended that the existence of evil is logically inconsistent with the existence of the theistic God. No one, I think, has succeeded in establishing such an extravagant claim. Indeed, granted incompatibilism, there is a fairly compelling argument for the view that the existence of evil is logically consistent with the existence of the theistic God.”(p. 335 ) He direct to Plantinga’s work God, Freedom , and Evil.

    Rowe though believed that it is logically possible, he contended it is improbable given amount of evil. In Blackwell’s Contemporary Debates in Philosophy of Religion(2001), Daniel Howard-Snyder and Michael Bergmann, I think, succeeded in showing that Rowe’s case is not strong because it is of a no-see-um argument form namely:

    1. So far as we can tell (detect), there is no x.
    2. So, it is more likely than not (perhaps significantly so) that There is no x.

    Which is Rowe’s case:

    3. There is no reason that would justify God in permitting certain instances of intense suffering.
    4. If God exists, then there is a reason that would justify God in permitting every instance of intense suffering.
    5. So, God does not exist

    I think this argument is not good because it appeals to ignorance for its conclusion, since even if we do not know any reason that God would permit this amount of evil, it does not necessarily follow that there is no reason that God will permit this amount of evil.

    I know it is alot to take Robert, so I would love you to read and reread as you try to understand first before (dis)agreeing. If you think it is possible that God “may” and a big “may” have reason not to stop mass murder and genocide, even if we do not know that reason then philosophically it not impossible for God to exit(logical problem of evil) and not improbable (evidential problem of evil).

    I welcome questions before I take my clergy cap to deal with emotional problem of evil.

    Super sorry that it is a lengthy answer.


    1. I have the feeling that my lack philosophy background puts me at a disadvantage here, but I’ll try and reconstruct your answer here. To my understanding (and correct me if I’m wrong) you are saying that the absence of action by God, doesn’t mean he isn’t there.

      Now we have discussed this before, so I’ll quickly summarise. It is extraordinarily difficult to disprove something completely. You mainly have to rely on absence of evidence and absence of action (as in, if that was the case then x would happen) Neither of which is water tight, but I believe as convincing as possible. Those rousing speeches which convince everyone, only happen in Hollywood movies.

      Could God exist and ignore genocide? Theoretically, yes. But this runs into two problems. Firstly, this contradicts the traditional Judeo-Christian concept of God. God is traditionally described as loving, all powerful and something that comes to our aid in times of need. It is possible that there could be a God who doesn’t do these things, but that would put in opposition with mainstream Christianity.

      Which leads into the second problem. What if there is a God who choose not to intervene to stop genocide? My first question would be, what use is that God? If he cannot prevent the most evil thing known to humanity, then why would he help us with our ordinary problems? What is the point of worshiping him if he is useless? The argument above seems to me to be an essentially Deist argument which doesn’t have a role for organised religion.

      There is also the possibility that God is mysterious or working towards his own plan, but I have serious reservations with this argument and cannot see how it is possible. This is technically an argument from ignorance, but I fail to see how genocide could possibly serve the greater good.

      1. Robert, we ought know that our failure “to see how genocide could possibly serve the greater good,” does not necessary mean that they serve no greater good.

        I will try to make the case simpler by outlining how philosophers who responded to the two version of problem of evil addressed in my respond.

        Philosophers, following Plantinga’s FWD, often formulate the response as follows:

        1. God is omnipotent, omniscient, and wholly good.

        2. It was not within God’s power to create a world containing moral good without creating one containing moral evil.

        3. God created a world containing moral good.

        4. Therefore, evil exists.

        When Plantinga or mainly theist philosopher contend it was not within God’s power to create a world containing moral good without creating one containing moral evil, they mean that creating a world containing moral good without creating moral evil is like creating a two square triangle. There is no amount of power a being could have to do a logically impossible task.

        With that, theist philosophers, can also go further, following still Plantinga, that:

        5. God is omniscient, omnipotent, and wholly good.
        6. God creates a world containing evil and has a good reason for doing

        So if you agree that it is possibly true that God, as he is wholly good, would have good reason for doing so, then I believe, philosophically, the two versions of problem of evil are not as strong as they were thoughts after Plantinga’s contribution in 1970s.

        Let me know your thoughts.


        1. Two short points. First of all, I don’t believe something being “logically impossible” counts as an excuse, because that has never stopped religion before. The whole point of God is that he can do things that are considered impossible like creating the universe and impregnating virgins.

          Let’s not get too abstract about evil, because I feel we can get too far off the point if we get overly philosophical. It is possible for evil to exist, but I want to focus on the extremes of mass murder and genocide. Could God have stopped the Nazis or Rwandans intent on genocide? Considering that he intervene quite frequently in the Old Testament, it is reasonable to expect him to do so again. Yet he did not. From this there are two c=main conclusions. God does not intervene and therefore the OT stories are not true. Or God intervenes but not i this case for unknown reasons. I personally subscribe to the first interpretation and see little point of worshiping a God of the second interpretation.

          As we are dealing with an unknown, there are many possibilities and we cannot know the true one. Therefore we must rely on the most reasonable one that is best supported by the evidence.

          1. I follow you Robert. I wanted to begin with intellectual problem of evil to which you would encounter in philosophical literature. As I explained I wanted to show that the problem of evil is not logically or evidentially good case against existence of an omni-God.

            I believe you confused between physical possibility with logical possibility. Example it is logically true you could swim, without breaks, from UK to US, but it is physically not possible.

            According to philosopher understanding, God cannot do logical immpossible things, e.g. there is no power He could possess to make 2 + 2 = 3, nor married bachelor nor squarecircle, et cetera. Christians literature, Bible itself, records things God can not do, example He can not lie, swear with the name above Him, e.t.c

            If you see that from to far off philosophical point of view, the problem of evil is not as you thought it is, then I will take a clergy cap and address your emotional problem of evil.

            Should I do that Robert?

              1. A miracle, as that or resurrection of Jesus if granted true, are not a logical impossibility but physical impossible.

                Before I share the emotional problem of evil, Robert, I will just let you know how hard I find this. Yesterday morning my wife’s school friend lost her 2 years old son, they thought he had flu, and did not let him go to daycare. My wife has been crying a lot and asking why, why, why. just few hours ago.

                A month ago my uncle lost his wife on malaria, two month ago, my best friend, Meshack in Tanzania, lost her mother also malaria. I had a long talk with him, giving him the topical answer. “I do not know”. This problem of pain and suffering is not an hypothetical to me, but real.

                When I hugged my daughter today, I could not imagine how it would be losing her.

                As it is 21:34 here in DK, I am off to bed, as 05:00, my daughter is up and it is dad who has a morning duties. Good night and we write more tomorrow.


                1. I am deeply sorry for your friend’s loss and pain. Sometimes we can get too philosophical and lose touch with reality. I can understand if you don’t want to continue this thread. You can take you time to reply or even more on to another question.

                2. Putting the philosophical cap aside and taking my clergy cap, I think emotionally belief in God make much sense of the pain and suffering than atheism since it offers God as the answer of the problem.

                  Atheism denies the problem of pain and suffering. As Dawkins correctly contended, in atheism there is no evil, nor good but pitiless indifference. Our pain and suffering are meaningless. Those who died under Hilter, genocides in Rwanda are unluck in our struggle for the fittest. More over, it does not matter for there is no ultimate justice, and all are going to die now or when the universe die out a cold death in the future.

                  I may not know why God allow such evil, but atheism does not offer any answer but more despair, as it claims that there is no foul, as ants kill each others, we humans are at the bottom not different, as our lives are meaningless.

                  Christian worldview gives what atheism lacks, an explanation of the problem, namely evil is the result of man trying to be gods, deciding what is right and what is wrong. It point out that I am the problem for I know how much evil I contributed and contribute each day by my selfishness, lies, etc

                  Christian literature like the book of Job, the selling of Josephy by his brothers to slavery in Egypt, and the death of Jesus of Nazareth contend that God use suffering and pain to accomplish his plan. From Christianity, we are not created primary to be happy, painless etc but to know and glorify God.

                  I am not claiming that Christianity is true because it offer an answer to the emotional problem of evil, but that atheism is at odd with this problem in the first place for it denies the existence of the problem of evil and suffering.

                  But at the bottom, Robert, I will answer, I do not know how to address the emotional problem of evil than offering hope, future justice and renew that God, if exists, promised those who trusted Him.

                  Let me know your thoughts Robert.

  8. @PD
    Because of your apparent wide knowledge of such philosophical material you are able to espouse reams upon reams in stating your position.
    In the end it becomes an endless game of silliness. If you wish to win the heart and mind of the person you are engaging keep your comments short.
    (er) I for one couldn’t care less ‘how much you know”, it is of little value in such discussions and does more to alienate the Christian worldview, merely cementing the belief that it is mostly just Horse Manure.

    1. You do not care, but Robert does and that is why he ask me to attempt to respond to his ten questions.

      I do not wish to win hearts and mind, simply because I can not. What I presented is how I will answer Robert’s questions. I hope Robert will at-least know my answers to his question even if he reject them, which is quite fine, for I do not wish to force my belief into him. 🙂


      1. What happened with the other questions? I find this argument really interesting and I wish I could read the rest of it. Did you continued it by private messaging? Or did you stop replying each other?
        If more theist were like Prayson, debating with them would be much more edifying and challenging.

  9. Hi Robert,
    Nice chatting with you the other day. As mentioned I will just deal with 5 questions. I don’t fancy writing another 2,500 words! I deal with them in a general sense at the end. I hope you will deal with my discussion as arguments, and leave the fallacies behind!

    1. How are you sure your religion is right when there are thousands to choose from and you are Christian simply due to birth?

    I’m not sure it is true, but I sincerely think that it is the best explanation of available evidence. In any event, I do not agree with all parts of my Religion. That aside and similar to your age of consent article this first question is based on a fallacy. You can’t determine the truth of a world view based how a person came to hold such a view. It commits the genetic fallacy. Surely you can see this?

    You say:

    “You are assigned a random belief based solely on the choice of your parents, which is pretty much decided based on where you live.”

    While that may be true it does nothing to show that the belief itself is wrong. My parents also thought me to believe in treating others as equals. Am I to assume that is also wrong just because my parents told me? I think not. You seem to think that Christianity is some sort of a strait-jacket whereby you have to believe in every facet of it as prescribed by a specific church. This question is related to your question on Hell so read more there on the fate of non-Christian religions. Needless to say just because religions are different doesn’t mean they all fall by the wayside. Not the monotheistic ones at least.

    2. Has science made God obsolete?

    No absolutely not. Your explanation raises the old “God of the Gaps” argument.

    You say:

    “Evolution dealt the strongest blow, by nullifying religions strongest card, how did we get here?”

    Really? I am not sure how this happened. There is nothing in the theory of biological evolution that discredits the existence of God. If there is I would like you to show me? In fact the odds of it happening by chance are so infinitesimal that it actually points to God guiding the process, and no, this is not Intelligent Design either. It is a form of Theistic Evolution. A number of eminent biologists believe in God. It quite obviously creates no difficulty for them.

    You also state “No Longer could religion claim sole knowledge of the origin of life, now there was a secular proof.”

    Again you are mistaken. Maybe I am missing something but evolution tells us nothing about the origin of life. It shows how life evolved after the origin of life. Remember Darwin’s book is titled “Origin of the Species” not the Origin of Life. So, I think you are misunderstood about what the theory of biological evolution actually is.

    Of course you could say well Genesis says something different. I will get to Bible later but note that the Catholic Church accepts that evolution is compatible with the Christian view of Creation.Pope John Paul II and Pope Puis XXI were both open to the idea. This isn’t special pleading in the face of new evidence either. St. Augustine in his commentary of Genesis in AD 300s said God created life through certain processes and that Genesis needs to be interpreted properly. This was suggested 1500 years before Darwin. Thomas of Aquinas had similar conclusions in the middle ages. There is just is no contradiction between evolution and God. I am not sure where you deduce this from. It probably comes from your mistaken belief that evolution explains the origin of life. It does no such thing. It deals with how life changed after its origin –nothing more.

    You further state:

    “Likewise physicists are making important discoveries into how the universe was created (Big Bang Theory, Higgs Boson etc.).”

    The Higgs boson is the final particle of the standard model of particle physics to be discovered. It was always assumed to have existed because it fit the model. We now can say for certain it exists. The standard model was envisioned back in the 60’s. Nothing has changed. If it has I’d like to know? If you don’t believe me Peter Higgs himself sees no inherent contradiction between Religion and Science.

    On the Big Bang, that discovery actually is used as an evidence base for God and forms part of the Cosmological argument. The Universe began to exist so the Universe has a cause. Interestingly, it was discovered by a Jesuit priest and Einstein called his theory atrocious but subsequently agreed with it.

    You ask:

    “Do we need God anymore to understand the world?”

    Not for the natural world we don’t. No more than we need Karl Benz to understand the internal combustion engine but we still recognize he existed and was the original designer.

    On a separate note some of the greatest scientist in history were theists. Much of the great scientific discoveries centuries were made in Christian Universities and funded by the Catholic Church. It was done to explore the mind of God.

    3. Why does God not stop mass murder and genocide?

    I hadn’t read your comments section but in it you state. “The whole point of God is that he can do things that are considered impossible like creating the universe and impregnating virgins.” Aside from the fact that that is not the whole point of God, it is important for you to understand that God cannot do everything. There is this concept that God if he does exist should be able to do anything. This isn’t true. God can only do anything that is LOGCIALLY possible. That is a big difference. God can do things that seem impossible but it is just a misnomer to say he can do logical contradictions. That is absurd. He cannot make a round square for example.

    For example, an often quoted question is whether God can create a rock so heavy that he can’t lift it. The answer is no, because he cannot do the logically impossible. To simplify – he cannot make a round square or a married Bachelor. These are all logical contradictions.

    As an all good God, God endowed humanity with Free Will. Freedom is an essential part of good. I would argue that it is the greatest conceivable good. If God didn’t give us free will then he wouldn’t be all good. Freedom is a good thing.

    It is free will that explains why God does not stop mass murder. You cannot force someone to freely stop killing people. Again, you cannot force someone to freely stop killing people. It is a logical contradiction. Notice the words force and freely. If I decide to kill someone – there is nothing God can do because God cannot force me to freely not kill someone. God cannot do what is logically impossible.

    The fact that people abuse this freedom is a dreadful consequence of free choice but without it there can be no good. In a world without free choice we would be puppets on a string – what a meaningless existence. You would be right to call God a Dictator in that event.
    It’s an often used quote but “God is responsible for the fact of freedom. Humans are responsible for their acts of freedom.” There is no possible world in which God could grant free will while also have a world free of evil. It is just a non-sequitur.

    4. Is it right that all non-Christians will go to Hell?

    This is a classic example of a “begging the question” fallacy. Just read your question. You make an assumption in the question that all non-Christians go to Hell. It is patently obvious fallacy.

    You ask:

    “Are you telling me that this person will now go to Hell for not being a Christian? (The Bible is clear that this is a requirement for entry into Heaven)”

    Why do you assume all non-Christians go to Hell? When you mention the Bible I can only assume you are referring to Mark (16:16) and John (14:6) since you tell us no more. You (and some Christian denominations) just misunderstand the context. The quote in Mark simple refers to people who have not been exposed to and understand the gospel. If you aren’t exposed or don’t understand it, you won’t be condemned.

    The passage from John is not meant to be taken as belief in Jesus per se (although it helps) but belief in the way of life that he thought. (It also has to do with the right hand of the father). This is confirmed when Jesus said the two most important commandments “Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind and to love your neighbour. The example you give of the Muslim clearly follows this. So I think salvation is attainable for non-Christians. I don’t have any problems in saying so.

    The Catholic Church in its Catechism even affirm this.

    “Since Christ died for all, and since all men are in fact called to one and the same destiny, which is divine, we must hold that the Holy Spirit offers to all the possibility of being made partakers, in a way known to God, of the Paschal mystery.”Every man who is ignorant of the Gospel of Christ and of his Church, but seeks the truth and does the will of God in accordance with his understanding of it, can be saved. It may be supposed that such persons would have desired Baptism explicitly if they had known its necessity.”

    This also goes someway to answering your first question. There is no straitjacket and Christians disagree on a wide variety of topics.

    You ask – “What about all the people born before Christianity?”

    You seems to be ignorant of the fact that there are two sources of Revelation. Gods General Revelation (outlined in Romans 1:18-20 also referred to in the Psalms) and Special Revelation (Christ). General revelation applies to all who haven’t heard the Gospels etc and gives evidence of God through nature. So people born before Christianity or who simply have not heard of it are covered by general revelation.
    So your implied assumption that all non-Christians go to hell just simply isn’t true.

    5. What do you think of Hell and the Devil?

    Again you are tied up in this strait-jacket. If you took the time to actually read about the concept, it might broaden your horizon. This is partially the churches fault and the graphic imagery just doesn’t help. Assume for a minute that the Christian God exists. – Ok?
    Consider that when you die eternal happiness awaits when you come into relation with God. Anywhere else would be Hell. I think Pope John Paul II tells this best.

    “The images of hell that Sacred Scripture presents to us must be correctly interpreted. They show the complete frustration and emptiness of life without God rather than a place, hell indicates the state of those who freely and definitively separate themselves from God, the source of all life and joy. This is how the Catechism of the Catholic Church summarizes the truths of faith on this subject: “To die in mortal sin without repenting and accepting God’s merciful love means remaining separated from him forever by our own free choice. This state of definitive self-exclusion from communion with God and the blessed is called ‘hell”

    He goes on:
    “Rather than a physical place, hell is the state of those who freely and definitively separate themselves from God, the source of all life and joy.”

    “Damnation consists precisely in definitive separation from God, freely chosen by the human person, and confirmed with death that seals his choice for ever.”

    “The thought of hell and even less the improper use of biblical images must not create anxiety or despair.”

    You should read the entire paper. I have always agreed with Pope John Paul II on this .Even if this doesn’t satisfy you, a variant of this is called anihilationism. This where your soul is annihilated on death and as such you are eternally separated from God. This state of seperation is Hell. Certain Christian denominations agree with this version of Hell.
    Are there some denominations that agree with your description? Of course there are but you are perfectly free to disagree with them. Get out of that strait-jacket that you are in.

    As for the remaining five questions. I couldn’t do another 2500 words. The issues are more nuanced but your questions are simply borne out of ignorance rather than anything else. Much of it stems from the Old Testament.

    Has it ever occurred to you that some of what is in the Old Testament is just wrong? At this moment in time I don’t believe in Biblical inerrancy or the inerrancy of the Old Testament to be precise. Unlike what you said the Bible wasn’t written by God (What gave you that idea?) It was written by men. I am a Christian. I believe in God and I believe Jesus of Nazareth was who he claimed to be. This along with the resurrection is the main foundation of Christianity. We had a good deal of evidence about what Jesus said so we can live our lives accordingly. In relation to the Old Testament, for the moment, I simply apply a sort of backward induction to the moral atrocities in the Old Testament. If they are inconsistent with what Jesus said well then I don’t believe it or at best I’m agnostic about it.

    As for your question 8, I honestly haven’t the time or energy to be going through it. Honestly, and with respect, some of these questions seem pretty childish. Does he have a super computer? Really – Come on! You are better than this.

    As for timeless and spaceless and making it up as you go along. Timeless and spaceless are religiously neutral terms that you would find in a textbook on modern Cosmology. Thelogians didn’t come up with these terms. These terms are ,however, used in the Cosmological argument.

    1.Everything that begins to exist has a cause.
    2.The Universe began to exist.
    3. Therefore, the Universe has a cause.

    Now ask yourself what this cause is. Since time, space, and all material/physical things etc were created when the universe began to exist. The cause must be timeless, space less and immaterial and beyond the universe. A cause in the universe can’t create the Universe. A cause in time can’t be the creator of time. A cause in space can’t be the creator of space. Something material can’t be the creator of material. These are all logically incoherent and are basically arguing in a circle. So the cause has to be timeless, spaceless and immaterial. Heaven and Hell are not physical places and exist beyond the universe.

    Have Fun!

    1. Hi Patrick and that’s for taking me up on my offer of a response. Sorry for the delay but as you can imagine it took a while to answer all your points.

      1) Just because your faith is due to the luck of birth, does not mean it is false. It is still quite possible for it to be true. However, my point is that it is highly unlikely. Where you hear an opinion does not affect that opinions truth but it does affect your chance of being correct. Imagine if there was an argument between a professional economist who had read widely and studied the topic in depth and a man who never reads books but merely relies on his gut feeling. Now it is possible that the uneducated man is right, but it is unlikely.

      I was born in Oranmore, County Galway. Now, if asked, many people would say that Oranmore is the best town in Ireland. This is not due to any research on the topic but merely the fact that they were born there. Now Oranmore could be the best town in Ireland, but if the only reason people think so is because they were born there, then there is a good chance they are wrong. If everyone drew the conclusion after much research then people would get close to finding what was the best town in Ireland. However if people merely named the town they were born into, sheer luck is the only reason they are right or wrong.

      2) The second question was much broader than just evolution. I deliberatively designed it to avoid falling into the old evolution argument which gets quite tiresome. Please re-read how I discuss that God used to be the explanation of everything, whereas now he is reduced to just the first cause.

      God could have used evolution to create humans but this would completely contradict the Bible. If your argument is based in opposition to your holy book, then I don’t think I am the one creating a fallacy.

      Why would God use evolution? If the universe was created for humans (according to the Bible, but you may disagree with this too) then why take so long? Why billions of years? Science works slowly, but God does not. There is no reason he couldn’t do it instantly (according to the traditional definition of God).

      Evolution has been opposed every step of the way by religion and still is in america, so its a bit rich to claim that the Catholic Church was really supportive.

      I go into more detail about God and the creation of the universe here if you want to get really stuck into the argument https://robertnielsen21.wordpress.com/2012/07/14/god-and-the-creation-of-the-universe/

      3) Is it logically impossible for God to stop the Holocaust or the genocide in Rwanda? I don’t think so and in fact the Old Testament contains many examples where he intervenes in battles.

      Listen you can claim a lot of things, but you cannot say that God gave us free will. Religion is the opposite of the free will. Religion is all about rules and things we cannot do. Ever hear of the 10 Commandments? They’re not the 10 things you can choose to obey if you want, you must obey them.

      The bible is full of examples of God intervening against free will. For example he didn’t care so much about the Pharoah’s free will when he freed the Jews from Egypt.

      If God valued free will, he wouldn’t intefere in the world. If he didn’t interfere we wouldn’t have religion as prayers would be useless, the Bible would be empty and he would have sent Jesus (mass intervention if there ever was one).

      How can you claim God gives us free will if we are sent to Hell for disagreeing with him? That is the about of free will people had under Stalin.

      4) All Christianity is based on the belief that Jesus is the only way to Heaven. All Churches believe that they are the true church without which none are saved. Its disingenuous to pretend otherwise. Otherwise you could ignore the rules of Christianity and follow those of another religion and still go to Heaven. If disobedience of the rules carries no punishment what is the point of the rules?

      If everyone who “seeks the truth and does the will of God in accordance with his understanding of it, can be saved.” then that means I can do what I want so long as I think God would approve. Do you not see how this contradicts the point of religion? Religion is all about rules you must obey or be punished in the afterlife. If I think the will of God wants me to steal and I steal, do I go to Heaven? Can my complete lack of belief in God gain me entrance to Heaven because I seek truth? Even though I’m an Atheist?

      So if everyone who never heard of Christianity goes to Heaven, what is the point of spreading the word? Why did the Church send out missionaries? Surely we should close every Church and never speak a word of Christianity and all will be saved?

      5) So hell is merely outside Heaven? A view different to most I’ve heard, but again seems to go against the point of punishment of sins on Earth. If I commit terrible deeds but am never punished on Earth, will I be punished in the afterlife? (Actually punished not simply denied benefits).

      (Any reason why you skipped number 4 and replaced it with 9?)

      Yes I believe the Bible is completely and utterly wrong. However, most Christians do not. Seeing as it is the basis of their religion, I don’t see how you can be a Christian and not believe the Bible. If it is wrong about say, Noah’s Ark, then surely it could be wrong about other things, like say, the Resurrection or the Virgin Birth.

      You seem surprised that I am under the impression that ?Christians believe the bible was written by God. Isn’t that why reading from the Bible in Mass always end with “This is the Word of God”. If you think the Catholic Church and Mass are wrong then I’ll agree with you, but your average Christian might not.

      Allow me to follow your points about the creation of the universe through.

      1.Everything that begins to exist has a cause.
      2.The Universe began to exist.
      3. Therefore, the Universe has a cause.
      4. Therefore God created the universe
      5. No God doesn’t need a creator
      6. Because I said so
      7. How did God create the universe? With what did he use? Who knows, lets move on
      8. Because of the previous steps it is clear that God hears prays, loves us, intervenes in our life all the time, had a sin named Jesus and Heaven is real

      The Cosmological argument doesn’t prove a single word of Christianity is true, so I’m not sure why you’re using it as an ace.

      Lets be honest neither of us have studied physics or are familiar with the theories of the universe. Neither of us have the slightest clue where the universe came from so we’re both guessing. I refuse to accept that a blind guess based on ignorance and choosing God as default counts as a proof.

  10. Just want to say I’m a Christian and I can’t tell you how much I love this. Questions should always be encouraged and everyone should probe their own beliefs no matter what they are. I want to answer these, it looks like so much fun and I want to acknowledge both your answers here and in the 10 questions for atheists too. Thanks for sharing and I will read over them, absorb and try to write my answers.

    1. Glad you like it. Thanks the aim of this blog, to promote debate and questioning. The idea of these questions was not to insult Christians, but make them think about their beliefs, possibly in ways they haven’t before.

      1. Awesome- seriously questions are just about my favourite thing in the world and I really do believe they are important, even essential.
        I’m all for that. I don’t get why anyone would want to insult another group/person’s beliefs, we can all disagree but doesn’t mean we need to be nasty about it or lose friendships over it.
        I find even when we don’t want to be insulting though, it can come across that way without intending it to and not always due to us but because the other person gets so emotional about it. Think calmly people and let everyone express their views no matter what they are.

  11. My question is religion bad?
    Undoutable it isn’t true but is it bad. Without religon would priest have become teachers and scout leaders and just commited their crimes anyway.

  12. These are good questions. Most Christians do not understand even their own religion.

    1. How are you sure your religion is right when there are thousands to choose from and you are Christian simply due to birth?

    The Bible is true because it describes what you should worship. Worship means put above all things. God is Love. Love is God. Love is what you should worship. The point of the Bible is to describe what love is.

    2. Has science made God obsolete?

    No. The Bible is about God is love. Love creates. True Love is never selfishness to your self or others.
    Heaven is a state of mind for those that believe this.
    Hell is believing the lie that selfishness can ever lead to happiness.
    Selfishness is hopeless neediness that can never be truly happy.
    Satan is selfishness and demons are negative emotions. Emotions are spirits.
    The bible describes psychology through use of metaphors.
    As such is the most advanced form of psychology.

    3. Why does God not stop mass murder and genocide?

    The real question is why do WE not stop it. We have free choice. If God were to stop us from doing bad things then there is no free choice and we would be animals.

    4. How did Jesus’ death take away our sins?

    Jesus died to show is that true love is never selfish. If you believe in his way you will know all selfishness is sin. We are all born with sin because as individuals we are all born inherently selfish. Animals do not have the intelligence to know the difference between selfish and not selfish therefor their selfishness is not sinful.
    All law is created to guard against selfishness which is sin. The opposite of sin is Love. Love is selfless desire. Sin is selfish.
    If you believe that love is selfless desire you will not believe the lie. The lie is trying to convince us that love is selfish desire.
    Have you ever felt bad because you were in love?
    That wasn’t love that was selfish desire.
    Anytime you ever feel bad is it because of selfishness.
    Love does not make you crazy. Lust makes you crazy.
    if you believe Jesus’ way you will be selfless and try to love. This will take away your sin/selfishness. You will instead receive the Holy Spirit. This is hope. Those who are hopeful think positively and optimistically. They do not assume the worst will happen. They think good will happen. They also believe that any adversity in life is a test. A challenge to overcome.

    5. Is it right that all non-Christians will go to Hell?

    Hell is a state of mind. I know “Christians’ that are in the ‘hell’ state of mind. The hell state of mind is all of selfishness. Anger, worry, regret, fear, depression. These are all torment. and all a result of being selfish. Anger is always a result of selfishness. Placing blame or making excuses about something that was out of your control will make you angry. If you can not forgive then you do not have Love. As such love will not forgive you and you will always be cast in to the hell of angry.
    Those who do not have Love are full of worry as they think pessimistically and think the worst will happen. Pessimistic thinking is only selfish and is hell.
    Fear is an instinctual response known as the flight in the fight or flight instinctual response from animals. Anger being the fight reaction. Animals will not harbor fear or anger after the stimulus is gone. Humans can use their intelligence to harbor fear and anger forever basically. Living like this is HELL. If you do not have Love you have not realized you do not need these selfish responses. They make you weak through being out of control with these clouding your mind instead of using your logic to balance yourself.
    Depression is HELL!! The world it trying to convince you that you do not have free will. They say you have a problem that you can not fix without being controlled by pharmaceuticals. But depression and anxiety is a result of being psychologically needy. The bible describes seven psychological needs that are all of Love. If you lack in them you will be needy and always cast into torment

    Responsibility if you never take responsibility through excuses and blame then everything is out of your control.

    Respect. If you can’t respect you won’t receive respect. Like is math negatives never equal positives.

    Content. If you are never content you will never be happy.

    Thankful. When you are thankful you don’t feel entitled which means you feel blessed.

    Appreciative. This means you make the most of what you are given. This is living the present because it is a gift

    Accomplished. If you accomplish nothing you will be empty.

    Selfless. Don’t be selfish to yourself or others. If you do you won’t be happy. Life is about giving not taking. It is impossible to use a selfless person because they give seeking nothing in return.
    Selfish people only give seeking return and when they don’t get it they feel bad.

    If you lack these seven psychological needs you will always go towards the hell that is the torment in your mind.

    Hell is a math problem.
    Hell upside down creates numbers. 7734 what is hell?
    7-7=0 3-4=-1. Hell is a negative one or one who does zero.
    7-7-3-4=-7 hell is one who lacks the seven psychological needs.
    The opposite of -7 is 7.
    7 is heaven.
    All you need is true love.
    Love is spirit. God is Spirit.

    6. Is God a dictator?

    No This is why we have free choice. You may try to blame God but that is only an excuse to not take responsibility. Love does not try to control. Selfishness controls. When we choose negative then bad happens and Love doesn’t stop it. If Love did stop bad from happening then he would truly be the dictator.

    7. What’s the point of prayer?

    The point of prayer is to help balance yourself. It reassures one who prays that Love in in control. The universe runs on Love. Love creates. Love balances negativity and is forward positive progress. Everything happens for a reason and nothing is random. Believe this and you will know that good will come when good is done. Sometimes you need to pray to reassure you of this. Any challenges that come your way are only tests to overcome and become stronger. Prayer is basically positive hopeful optimism. This is heaven basically.

    8. What is the difference between something that cannot be seen, heard, touch or detected by any of our senses or any scientific measurement device, and something that doesn’t exist?

    The moment you believe that love is never selfish to others or yourself you receive the gift of hope. This feeling of true happiness is the definition of success. The world is trying to convince you that success is superficial riches because it is easily measured. However it is what is inside that counts. There are many that are psychologically needy and billionaires but that is not enough they constantly need and need because they do not know love. You can not buy Love. But they think gain for self will make them happy but any happiness they get is fleeting and they become needy again. True happiness is happy even when one doesn’t get what one wants. Happiness measurable through actions and is what is inside that counts.

    9. What do you think of Hell and the Devil?

    Hell is a state of mind. Devils are spirits. Spirits are emotions. Example of emotions are anger, worry, regret, fear, sadness, depression.
    Satan is the one trying to trick you using selfishness. As such those who take ‘Satans’ deal understand how to manipulate people through the devils. Like Hitler. Hitler manipulated people to get his will done through their selfishness using anger and fear. Only when you are selfish can you be manipulated using negativity.

    10. If there was a God do you not think he would have written a better book than the Bible?

    The Bible was written with two different concepts. The old testament was written for an uncivilized world. That was eye for eye. This is the concept that God balances negativity and there are consequences for actions. This worked as rules for a people to survive until the New Testament.
    The New Testament was to show us that civilized people need to understand that Love is the way.
    The Bible makes sure all have free choice. Anytime someone got punished is a result of their own choice for selfishness.
    As far as the Jew being the chosen people and Jesus being a racist it was already foretold the Jews would reject Jesus. This being so all people that believe what Jesus taught that love is never selfish now become the chosen people because they become children of God. This means you have power over Satan and Devils. This means you are not enslaved by negative spirits/feelings. Instead you use your logic to balance yourself then continue in forward positive progress and become a god like Jesus.

    HOWEVER JESUS WAS NOT GOD NOR DID HE SAY HE WAS. He was a son of God and there for a god but the THE GOD.

    34 Jesus answered them, Is it not written in your law, I said, Ye are gods?
    35 If he called them gods, unto whom the Word of God came, and the scripture cannot be broken; John 10
    12 But as many as received Him, to them he gave the right to become Sons of God, Even to them that believe on his name. John 1
    1 God standeth in the congregation of the mighty; he judgeth among the gods Psalm 82
    6 I have said, Ye are gods; and all of you are children of the most High Psalms 82
    1 Behold, what manner of love the Father hath bestowed upon us, that we should be called the sons of God: therefore the world knoweth us not, because it knew him not.
    John 1 In the beginning was the Word and the Word was God and the Word is God.
    God is Spirit. John 4
    That Spirit and that Word is LOVE. LOVE IS GOD

  13. If you can not be happy on Earth God can not force you to be happy in heaven. If you were in heaven but you thought it sucked and were depressed it would not be Heaven. In fact it would be HELL.

  14. What about time and space ?

    We all agree that at a certain point in the past man was created the one or other way (be it by god’s creation or be it by evolution) – so what did god do all these billion years before ? Being allmighty and just sitting there idling for billions of years – what a waste of power & resources ..

    We have learned there are billions of stars (&planets) in our galaxy, also there are billions of other galaxies each containing billions of stars (&planets) – isn’t that the most terrible waste of resources ever to create all this just to put one tiny little planet in there that he takes care of ? But if he also cares about other planets / creatures – how can there be a ‘chosen tribe’ ?!


    1. The chosen tribe was used to establish an authority. With out that Jesus would have been un known and had no authority. With out the established religion no they would not have gotten angry and have him put to death. Without that his message as the most advanced psychology would have been lost.

      Time is never wasted when there is forward progress.

  15. I think that God exists, but people don’t understand God. He must be something greater than the universe that has existed for a very long time and created everything.
    If you created everything you wouldn’t want to control everything as if it were a bunch toys, or scare it all into doing what you want, if not going to church were a sin and you would burn in hell for that, why doesn’t God just control us? There is no point in having free will if you can’t use it.
    And if God created this universe he must have created science and created everything through science.
    I don’t think heaven and hell exist in the way most of us imagine, if they did, it would be horrible, even non stop reincarnation sounds better than what most people hell and heaven are.

  16. 5. Yes, it’s not that God is saying follow me or go to hell it’s that he’s saying follow me and I will free you from death give you rest and eternal life etc. We’re bound to hell bc of our human nature, we constantly hurt God every single second of everyday whether we know it or not. But he gave us free will, he wants us to choose what we want and we do; “why would a loving God send people to hell” he doesn’t, I mean he can bc he’s literally God but at the same time it was your choice you chose not to have a way out, you chose to worship yourself, you chose smoking drinking sex and I could go on. Many try to degrade God and confront him for being all these things but then sending people to hell. Hell was originally made for the devil and his demons and even they can’t handle it but the road to hell is broad and wide and many lead down it because it’s easy and everyone wants the easy way out but it takes faith and commitment and is really hard bc some days you just don’t feel like it or even question and doubt. But he is merciful and gives it to the righteous. Sometimes like children those who don’t have their faith in God ask too many questions and you don’t need to know every single answer because he has your back but only if you trust him first.

  17. I just wanted to thank you for posting and allowing these respectful discussions. I was raised a Jehovah’s Witness and left about 3 years ago. I still have many questions myself but I feel like I need to have some sort of meaning and hope in my life. Otherwise we all night as well die now. So far I haven’t seen evidence of there being one true religion. But I also can’t comprehend life and consciousness having come out of nothing. I can go over time people have really messed up what’s in the Bible and how it’s interpreted. Everyone seems to disagree about something it’s hard to find any actual facts.

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