I’ve Set Up A Satire Blog

As much as I love this blog, sometimes I like to try new things. Every post is so serious, technical and requiring so much research that sometimes I just want to have a laugh. Especially seeing as the world of politics, economics and religion is so bizarre that its wide open for ridicule. Especially religion. I started writing a few rough ideas down on paper and soon enough ideas for 50 posts so I felt I had to go ahead with the blog. When the world has gone crazy what is there to do but laugh?

So with that in mind, I set up a satire blog called Not A Great Dane. I’d greatly appreciate if you could support it and help get it off the group. I have also set up a Twitter account for it @NotaGreatDane and a Facebook page. This is my first attempt at satire, so be patient while I hone my skills. Hopefully I’ll skewer conventional wisdom with my wit or give you a laugh that makes you think. Or at least a laugh. In fact I’d be happy with a contented chuckle.

Now you might wonder why I choose the name Not A Great Dane. Well, satire is absurd and illogical, so it made sense to pick a name that was also absurd. Plus I wanted it to somehow have something to do with me and I’m a dog lover with a Danish surname so I went from there. I added the Not to make it more farcical plus I amn’t actually Danish. Or a dog. Or that great. To be honest thinking up names is hard and I went with the first thing that sounded decent.

I will still continue this blog and should have a good post coming by the end of the week. I still love blogging as much as always, I just wanted a change of style. Plus it would get confusing having serious and satire articles side by side.

So please like, share, follow, tweet and shameless plug Not A Great Dane. Because in a way, aren’t we all not a Great Dane?


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9 responses to “I’ve Set Up A Satire Blog

  1. Laughing is one of my Twelve Easy Emotional Fitness Exercises. Will follow and share if I laugh out loud.

  2. So, you are not Victor Borge! And all of this time I thought …

    • I had to google that to find out who he was. Had no idea there actually was a comedian called the Great Dane. Funnily enough, his original surname was Rosenbaum the same as Ayn Rand’s original name.

    • Yeah I wasn’t sure if you knew it was me or just some randomer. Still would appreciate any advice you have.

      • When you messaged me on Twitter, I had no idea it was you. I wasn’t even sure you were someone I’d know.
        I don’t really have much to add to Twissblog’s advice – maybe that you could try to pace yourself so you don’t burn out quickly. It can’t be easy doing this with two blogs – I can barely keep up with one.

  3. I was kind of hoping your “Why Taxation is not Theft” piece was part of the satire blog. Turns out you were serious. Kinda scary.

  4. So I replied to the comment you left on my blog and I came here to see what you are writing about. The first thing I see is “economics, politics and religion.” My first thought? You must like to start fights (immediately followed by a chuckle).
    I start to scroll down and I see that you have started a satire blog at which point I start laughing out loud.
    This is going to be good.

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