The Other Kind Of Crime

If I were to mention crime, most people would picture a man (possibly of dark skin) hiding in an alleyway ready to jump out and steal your wallet. Or perhaps a burglar who sneaks into your house at night to steal your television. Or someone who will break into your car and steal it because you parked it in a bad area. Or a shifty looking teenager shoplifting from the local corner store. However, there is a type of crime that is greater than all of these combined. A crime not committed by poor ethnic minorities, but by wealthy white professional in offices. A crime committed not by the desperate underclass but by the elites of society. A crime that costs society more than all other thefts combined, yet rarely results in prosecution. I am talking about white collar crime. Continue reading “The Other Kind Of Crime”

Predictably Irrational Chapter 11 & 12 – The Context Of Our Character

Chapters 11 and 12 of “Predictably Irrational” by Dan Ariely are all about dishonesty. He discusses the decline in ethics which is relevant at a time of corporate scandals and financial scams. He examines and measures the likelihood of people cheating for financial gain and ways to keep them honest. The level of integrity his experiments reveal is particularly interesting. He also finds how people differentiate between cheating, being more likely to cheat if non-monetary items are involved. Continue reading “Predictably Irrational Chapter 11 & 12 – The Context Of Our Character”

Legalise Cannabis

The policy of banning drugs has failed. It is time to face the facts and legalise cannabis (also known as marijuana). This would have numerous benefits. It would deprive criminal gangs of their main source of revenue. It would raise large amounts of revenue for the government. It would ensure the safety and health of users is protected. It would free up large police resources and ensure they are focused on more serious crimes. There would be minimal negative effects as cannabis in its natural state is not a dangerous drug. People should be free to make choices about their lives and live with the consequences. Continue reading “Legalise Cannabis”