An Atheist Reads The Book Of Judges: Rape, Massacre & Chaos

If you think about it, Judges is a misleading title for this book as none of the characters are judges or do any judging. Instead they are warriors and rebels, who spend their time fighting other nations, but the Bible is silent on how (if) they governed or how Israelite society was at the time. That would have been more interesting than endless repetition of the same story. Instead of judgement, with get constant war, the massacre of innocents and brutal rape. The chaos of the book was probably exaggerated to provide legitimacy for the later kings and it contains some of the most horrible stories of the Bible, especially towards women. Continue reading “An Atheist Reads The Book Of Judges: Rape, Massacre & Chaos”

An Atheist Reads The Book Of Judges: God’s Glory If You Win, Your Sins If You Lose

The best way to imagine the Book of Judges is to compare it to some bad movie sequels, where the writers have run out of ideas and so just keep repeating themselves. Because that’s essentially what the Book of Judges is, the same story told again and again. Every single story begins with the Israelites abandoning God, God sending a foreign oppressor as punishment, the Israelites beg forgiveness and so God rescues them. Every good thing that happens is due to God and every bad thing is the Israelites fault, which makes me doubt the objectivity of the author. Continue reading “An Atheist Reads The Book Of Judges: God’s Glory If You Win, Your Sins If You Lose”

An Atheist Reads The Bible: The Final Solution

The Book of Joshua deals with the wars the Israelites fought to conquer the promised land. To make it more realistic, it should be named the Book of Genocide, as the Israelites exterminate one nation after another and steal their land. No justification is given, greed is simply enough. In a book that is supposed to be a moral code for all humans, instead we get one of the first recordings of genocide in history. Continue reading “An Atheist Reads The Bible: The Final Solution”

An Atheist Reads The Bible: Purge The Evil

Hello and welcome to another instalment of An Atheist Reads The Bible. Chances are that by now you all know how this works and don’t need any introduction, so let’s jump right into the second half of Deuteronomy which is a particularly violent section, obsessed with purging the evil from society. Continue reading “An Atheist Reads The Bible: Purge The Evil”

An Atheist Reads The Bible: The Fear Of God

If there is one strong theme so far in the Book of Deuteronomy (or the Bible in general) it is that you must fear God. God doesn’t want to be loved or praised or have a personal relationship with you, he wants you to fear him. Plenty of times the Bible explicitly says that God is to be feared by all. When the Israelites sin and beg forgiveness, God ignores their cries. He is not a God of mercy, moreover, he gives plenty of reasons for you to fear him. Continue reading “An Atheist Reads The Bible: The Fear Of God”

An Atheist Reads The Bible: Talking Out Its Ass

In my last post I skipped over one of the most bizarre stories in the Bible (though I’m saying this so often it’s starting to lose meaning). Considering the last post dealt with genocide, I didn’t want to confuse the theme and I ran out of space. But I felt this story is too good to ignore (the title alone is worth it) so I figure I might as well write a post about it.

So the story begins in chapter 22 of the Book of Numbers when Continue reading “An Atheist Reads The Bible: Talking Out Its Ass”

An Atheist Reads The Bible: Resistance Is Futile

As anyone who watches Game of Thrones can tell you, life long ago was very brutal. People didn’t live long, and while they lived things were too great. The politics of the time were especially rough. One person (or at best a small handful of people) had all the power and any threat to this power was swiftly destroyed. This power was obtained and maintained by killing people so the best thing ordinary people could do was to stay out of their way and under no circumstances question or challenge them. These leaders didn’t care about the ordinary people and used their power to enrich themselves and their cronies. Everyone else was simply “the masses”, the hordes of commoners who got in the way, a nuisance that could be troublesome if it didn’t have enough bread.

You would think that a polity ruled by God would be different. Surely it would be a model of peace and understanding where all people prospered together as one? A place where all are free and equal citizens? The strange thing is that even in the Bible (which is written by the Israelites and therefore puts them in the best light) the Israelites seem the exact same as every other tribe of the time. Being directly lead in all they do by God doesn’t seem to make a society in any way better than how they would have acted without God. Moses and God act like petty despots rather than models of virtue that we should all follow. Continue reading “An Atheist Reads The Bible: Resistance Is Futile”

An Atheist Reads The Bible: An Accountants’ Delight

The Book of Numbers is probably the most tedious book so far in the Bible, with a large proportion consisting (as the name suggests) of recording of names and numbers. The name of every man who did anything at all is recorded along with his sons. There are various censuses and elaborate detail is given on the various festivals and sacrifices that must be done to honour God. This is an accountants delight but incredibly boring for the rest of us. Continue reading “An Atheist Reads The Bible: An Accountants’ Delight”

An Atheist Reads The Bible: All Men Must Die

I’ve been watching Game of Thrones lately and I’ve been surprised at the similarities between it and the Bible. You would think that they would be complete opposites but they have more in common than your local priest would like to admit (especially with this week’s episode involving the Faith Militant). Both are filled with violence, incest, murder, sexism, war, betrayal, religious fanaticism and arbitrary rulers. Reading the Book of Leviticus, I noticed a particularly strong essence of Valar Morghulis (All men must die) both in the sense that women are ignored and in the sense that, no matter how hard you try, sooner or later you’ll end up tripping up and being killed. Continue reading “An Atheist Reads The Bible: All Men Must Die”

An Atheist Reads The Bible: Unclean, Everything Is Unclean!

The story takes an interlude away from Moses and instead details the laws that God wants us to follow. The main theme of the book is a dire fear of the unclean. Honestly, Leviticus must have been written by OCD germophobe as there is an obsession with avoiding anything unclean (which turns out to be most things). God gives these rules unconditionally and demands that they must be obeyed, which Christians have interpreted to mean they can pick and choose whichever they wish to follow. Continue reading “An Atheist Reads The Bible: Unclean, Everything Is Unclean!”