An Atheist Reads The 1st Book of Kings: God Doesn’t Know What He’s Doing

The 1st book of Kings begins in the most peculiar way possible. I mean I would be hard pressed to create a more bizarre situation. It begins with the old King David being cold and unable to get warm. So “Therefore his servants said to him, “Let a young woman be sought for my lord the king, and let her wait on the king and be in his service. Let her lie in your arms that my lord the king may be warm.” I swear I’m not making this up, this is what the Bible says. This sounds more like a cheap porno than the holy word of God. There’s something both comical and sleazy about an old man making up ridiculous excuses to get a young woman to sit on his lap. I don’t how this wasn’t removed from the Bible at a later date or burned as blasphemy. Continue reading “An Atheist Reads The 1st Book of Kings: God Doesn’t Know What He’s Doing”

An Atheist Reads The Book Of Judges: God’s Glory If You Win, Your Sins If You Lose

The best way to imagine the Book of Judges is to compare it to some bad movie sequels, where the writers have run out of ideas and so just keep repeating themselves. Because that’s essentially what the Book of Judges is, the same story told again and again. Every single story begins with the Israelites abandoning God, God sending a foreign oppressor as punishment, the Israelites beg forgiveness and so God rescues them. Every good thing that happens is due to God and every bad thing is the Israelites fault, which makes me doubt the objectivity of the author. Continue reading “An Atheist Reads The Book Of Judges: God’s Glory If You Win, Your Sins If You Lose”

Double Standards On Gaza

Is an Israeli life worth more than a Palestinian life? Much of the commentary on the bombing of Gaza seems to suggest so. 5 Israelis and 156 Palestinians have been killed, yet the story seems to be how Israel is the victim. Great emphasis is put on Israel’s right to exist, little thought is given to the fact that Palestinians do not have a state of their own. Israel claims the right to defend itself while denying Palestinians right to do the same. It is a tragedy when an Israeli is killed, while little attention is paid to vast number of dead Palestinians. Great attention is given to Palestinian extremists while Israeli extremists are ignored. The history and root causes of the conflict are ignored and little effort is made to understand the conflict. Continue reading “Double Standards On Gaza”

My Problem With Obama

Don’t get me wrong, I’m a liberal, a Democrat and I’ve voted for Obama for this election. My problem is that my main reason for voting for Obama is that I want Romney to lose. Obama’s campaign has consisted solely of stating Romney’s ideas are bad (which they are), yet he has not defended his own ideas or offered any new policies for his second term. Obama is fighting a defensive campaign, offering to prevent Romney from making things worse, but not offering any ideas for how to make things better. If you ignore the rhetoric and look only at the actions, you will see Obama has not been offering the radical solutions to turn America around. Continue reading “My Problem With Obama”