How To Immerse Yourself In Esperanto

Have you just finished Duolingo or another Esperanto course and are now wondering what to do next? Are you trying to figure out how to further advance and develop your skills? Do you want to put the textbooks behind you and actually use the language? If so, here is a handy guide of where to go and what to do next to fully use Esperanto and dive into the community. Continue reading “How To Immerse Yourself In Esperanto”

Political Rap

I got fed up with music a while ago. Most songs on the radio seem to be usual bland nonsense that isn’t even about anything. Most songs are just catchy, repetitive rubbish with the odd reference to a girl or a drink/club thrown in. I thought rap music was about black guys talking about hoes and jewelry. To my complete surprise I found that some rap is deeply political. Some songs are really poetry with a beat. I never heard songs that discussed politics, history and society in such an insightful way. So I collected some of my favourites to share here. Continue reading “Political Rap”