An Atheist Reads The Bible: In The Beginning

So I think the first page of the Bible is as good as place as any to begin. Chapter 1 of Genesis is probably the best known part of the Bible and most people could tell you that it’s about how God created the world in seven days. Continue reading “An Atheist Reads The Bible: In The Beginning”

God Did Not Create Earth For Us

It is often stated by religious people that Earth is so wonderful and well suited to human inhabitation that it must have been created by God. However, this is only plausible if viewed from the human level looking up. Were we to look from the universal level downwards, we would see this argument doesn’t hold. It is not through divine guidance that humankind has thrived but through natural selection. If the Earth had been designed it would be an unrecognisably different place, without the flaws and difficulties that it has in reality. Continue reading “God Did Not Create Earth For Us”

God And The Creation Of The Universe

One of the few (in fact probably the only) reasonable argument for the existence of a God revolves around the creation of the universe. However this is a far weaker argument than it first seems. After all God is not necessary for creation and even if he was, it still leaves numerous other problems with his/its existence. Continue reading “God And The Creation Of The Universe”