Politics and Economics Cartoons

Sometimes just talking about politics and economics can be a bit dry so here’s some good cartoons to lighten it up a bit while still making a good point.

More or less sums up how stock markets work.


Something the government keeps telling us despite the facts saying otherwise


This is pretty much where economic theory is at the moment


Something that Conservatives and Welfare bashers ignore is how much the middle class gets from the government.


Just because those who proclaimed the destruction of the economy every time a new tax or regulation was brought in, were wrong, doesn’t mean they’re wrong this time . . . . but they probably are


Why nothing is being done to reduce unemployment


The real cause of all our problems . . . immigrants. Even when its not their fault, its still their fault


After all just look at the history of immigration in America


The Republican Party has a wide range of policies to suit each of the main issues affecting America


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