An Atheist Reads The 1st Book Of Samuel: The Fall Of Saul And The Rise Of David

While the first half of the 1st Book of Samuel was about the rise of Samuel and how Saul became king, the second half is about Saul’s decline and fall, and the rise of David. However, this doesn’t happen in a straight forward way, instead the way is littered with massacres, murder and betrayal. The main characters act more like mafia dons than divinely blessed heroes. Continue reading “An Atheist Reads The 1st Book Of Samuel: The Fall Of Saul And The Rise Of David”

Should We Intervene In Syria?

As I write this conflict is raging in Syria. For the past two years a vicious war has been ongoing with 100,000 killed and 2 million refugees (half of whom are children) according to the United Nations. What began as part of the Arab Spring overthrowing dictators across the Arab world has turned into a bloody and relentless civil war. Now with reports of a massacre with chemical weapons, it seems increasingly likely that Western Powers will intervene in some form in the conflict. But is this the right decision? Are we compelled to fight on behalf of Syrian civilians or will it only make the problem worse?

Continue reading “Should We Intervene In Syria?”

Terrible Parts Of The Bible Part 1 – Genocide

Most my life, I, like most people assumed the Bible was a book about love, peace, tolerance and rules for a good life. It was always assumed that if more people took a page out of the Bible the world would be a better place. However, recently I have started to look into the Bible and found a lot of pretty nasty things. So many in fact, Continue reading “Terrible Parts Of The Bible Part 1 – Genocide”